Parts purchased between 03/30/16 and 04/19/16. Cost reflects purchase price minus any applicable discounts and/or rebates. CPU, MoBo, GPU, OS, SSD from local micro center. Remaining parts purchased from amazon due to amazon prime shipping. Built for light video game streaming and music production in reason and maschine. Upgrades are planned for the future but this rig should be suitable for now.

Build will occur on 04/19/16 and photos will be posted after a successful boot.

04/20/16: Open box deal on Asrock mobo ended up being DoA. After finishing build and confirming it was the mobo I took the whole rig to the local micro center. At this point I'd rather let them replace it and get a working machine in return than do it myself. I will update this weekend.

04/21/16: Mobo turned out to be fine and RAM was in the wrong place despite originally being placed where the manual suggested. OS installed and everything is running smoothly.


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