Well, it's been a long time since i built a computer. My last machine is an i5-760 so that probably dates me as "OLD" but i had that cpu overclocked to 3.6 GHz from the day i bought it till now. I mentioned to my kids i would like to build a new machine and guess what i opened Christmas Morning thanks to my 2 sons................ The start of a new build (Asus Strix X470-F and Ryzen 5 3600X) and then, well, i just got carried away. I'll post pictures of the build and components and once i get everything loaded up and running, feel free to ask questions, i'll do the best i can to answer. Merry Christmas, Happy New Years and most importantly, Happy Building.

2020-01-02 Update: Still waiting on my NVMe SSD but thought i'd boot into the UEFI to check it out. Was able to DOCP the Ram right to 3600MHz with the listed timings as specified. Might try to tighten the timings after i get everything loaded?

2020-01-03 Update: All parts in and system completed. Windows loaded and started playing my first game in probably 10 years......Metro Exodus. Love it. My kids stopped playing their PS4's and line up to take turns on my new machine. :)

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Hi buddy, nice build. what temps are you getting on idle and full load?