This was my first pc. Fits my needs of light gaming and everyday use excellently, no complaints. Fans are very quiet. I recommend this build to those who are just getting started and looking for a powerful yet affordable gaming build.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Super quiet. Full cpu usage is kept around 70-75 c, fan is still very quiet. Easy to install and doesn't interfere with the RAM placement.


Looks very sleek. Everything was easy to install on this. The system fan pin headers are in weird positions on the board, but I was able to find workarounds. M.2 SSD slot is behind the graphics card so you have to remove it to get to the slot. The latch on one of the SATA cables broke after just a few uses, but replacements are so cheap anyway. Overall pretty good, would recommend.


This RAM is good stuff. I was a bit suspicious of it considering I found almost no reviews of it anywhere, but it works just fine for me. For the low price, it's a great purchase, and it even looks fancy when installed.


This hard drive is VERY fast for my needs, and it serves its purpose well. It's a bit loud on startup especially, but you get used to it. This thing is the perfect compromise of reliability, size, and price. What, you don't believe the ~2200 other positive reviews?

Video Card

For the price it's really great. I don't use it for super demanding purposes but it does its job well and the fans are quiet. The card does produce this quiet hum when it's under load, but I don't think it's enough to bother anybody.


Good case, fits my needs well. I like the tempered glass side panel, feels like it's the right size. The entire thing feels relatively well-built. Cable management is certainly doable but a bit tricky because of the wide open slots, although it could've just been the stiffness of the wires I used. For some reason the case's headphone port is very tight. Only one usb 3.0 port in the front, plus usb c, which I would pretty much never use. Airflow is great, comes with a fan in the back and top, with slots for two more in the front. Overall, sleek design, and it was easy to install everything. I would recommend it.

Power Supply

Works well as a power supply. The motherboard, cpu, and PCIe power cables all come shielded in a sort of mesh, which makes them a bit stiff, but nothing too hard to work with. My main problem with it is that it tends to be very loud under load, but it is quiet when idling.

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  • 3 months ago
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Looks great! I am going to build a ryzen 3600 pc myself with pretty much the same specs. I would look at trying to return your monitor and get a 144hz model. I got a nice Dell one for $145 at walmart. You will see a big difference when you are gaming.