This is my first build, which I made in 2013 for college and games. As of 2018 it is still my daily driver and performing great. One of my original goals was to build something that would perform great for 5 years, and this has done so. I have made some incremental upgrades to storage and RAM when prices fell. and removing the unused optical drive. The pictures represent the build back in 2013.

Processor: My i7-4770K won't overclock past 4GHz unfortunately, but it is still performing great 5 years later and I don't see much reason to upgrade yet.

CPU Cooler: I got the Corsair Hydro H90 on sale, and its a great cooler for the Prodigy. I like that it's simple and low profile, not to mention 140mm and quiet. I upgraded to AS5 thermal paste.

Motherboard: While the Maximus VI Impact is small, its packed with an unbelievable amount of features.

Memory: I originally had 8GB (Ripjaws X but in red and 2x4GB) since RAM prices were high when I bought it and I didn't need much more at the time. I upgraded to a 2x8GB kit when prices were lower and I started seeing the need for more memory.

Video Card: I wanted a card that can max most games for a while and the 770 became very compelling after the price drop. Got the dual BIOS version for $330. Unfortunately the fans were making grinding noises and I had to RMA the card. I wouldn’t call this a bad experience though, because EVGA send me the 4GB version to replace the 2GB I had! As of 2018, this is the bottleneck of my system but with high GPU prices and the lack of free time to play games I haven't felt like upgrading yet.

Case: I wanted a compact case. The Prodigy is great and has few compromises, although it stretches compact somewhat. Since I no longer have two hard drives, an optical drive, and temperatures are reasonable, I would like to downsize to something like the NZXT H200.

Power Supply: I ready good things about this particular supply, and so far it's been great. It's semi-modular, which is ideal, although I don't care for the extra 8-pin CPU connector. I got a 750W supply since I wasn't sure if I was going to go mini-ITX or micro-ATX (and perhaps future SLI) at the time of purchase.

Storage: The Samsung 840 120GB is from an older computer and I use it as my boot drive. It's not particularly fast compared to modern SSDs but I havent needed to upgrade yet and space is usually not an issue. My personal data is stored on a Sandisk X400 1TB, while games and overflow personal data that's not important is stored on the Seagate Barracuda 3TB. As of 2018, I would like an M.2 NVMe boot drive but my motherboard does not support NVMe and I can't yet justify upgrading my CPU/RAM/MOBO since everything still performs well.

Optical Drive: I had one for a while but decided to remove it since it was rarely used.

Fans: I have a Spectre Pro LED 230mm as my main intake, its quiet and looks great. I also have an extra 120mm that came with the case as intake on the top rear.


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That's a damn good looking machine for a grand.

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Well done. It's a very nice build.

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You've got yourself some very nice deals there (and/or free parts that you already had). Nice job!