So I'm currently building a ITX LAN party PC to use at LAN parties and to sit on a spare desk in my office so my friend's have somthing to play on when they visit I wanted to save as much money as I could without losing much performance and I want it to be able to run most of the games that they usuaally play at LAN parties like Overwatch, Minecraft, CS-GO, and Rocket Leage at over 60fps at medium to high settings. I'm also planning to paint it orange with black stripes while keeping the front black and I also bought a stencle of a tiger face to paint a tiger face in orange on the front (the paint design I want to do is where I got the name from)

The parts and why I chose them:

Processor: I already purchased this processor to upgrade a different machine but then I decided to just dissasemble the machine I was planning to upgrade and build a whole new one and the processor was already shipped before I could cancel the order (I do know I could have gotten a i5 and skylake but haswell is still not that old and it saved me a bit of money)

Motherboard: I chose this motherboard because it was the most inexpensive one that I can find that had all the features I needed and was still from a mostly reputable manufacture

Graphics Card: I already had this GPU laying arround and it's a older one but still kicks strong enough to run overwatch at 1080p at high settings

Power Supply: I already had this power supply so I just put it into this build to save some money

RAM: I chose this ram because it was compatible with my CPU and motherboard and it looked Awesome with the LEDs

CPU Cooler: I origionally bought a orange Xigmatek one for $9 but it completely failed to cool the CPU because it got such little contact with the CPU so I got this proper Dynatron one for $25 and it works like a charm (I know a $25 top down cpu cooler is nothing to brag about but I'm only having to cool a 54watt CPU and I need to fit it in a ITX case

Cougar LED Fans: Needed 2 fans to make sure the case can get some airflow in it to keep the machine cool because the case only comes with a 80mm fan and I liked the LEDs and colors of these cougar ones and I have used Cougar branded fans before with no problems so I got these (I'm currently waiting on a 3 way fan splitter so I'm having to run them directly off the power supply at full speed and honestly they arent too noisy at full speed so atleast I can test and use the machine with the volume levels of the fans being bearable while I wait for the splitter to ship all the way from china)

Case: I got this case because it fit my ATX power supply and everything else and it was only $30 and a bonus it actually comes with a orange fan on it which should match the color I'm planning on painting the PC

Possible upgrades in the future: I want to b upgrade this machine to a core i5 and one of the newer Radeon RX and GeForce 1000 series GPUs I'm thinking on getting a i5 4690 (which ever one that's below the 4690k that's locked in clock speed) and a RX 470 or 460 or maybe even a GTX 1050 depending which one has more bang for the buck


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+1 for the PSU, the CPU, the GPU... Basically, all the entire build lmao

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Thanks can't wait to start painting it

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Yah Xigmatek is also one of those words that aren't easy to remember how to spell too right now I can say their cases are nice but so far I'm not too pleased with their CPU coolers

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