This is mainly a gaming pc. I went with the 2700x because it was on sale when I bought it($200) vs. the 3600x($250). I figured running duel monitors with discord and ICUE running while gaming would be best with 8 cores. I do overclock to 4.2 when playing Siege to maximize FPS. I cant get anything else out of it without random crashes. Also X570 boards are still high so I just stuck with B450 and kept it all 2000 series. The Steel Legend looks great, only issue is RGB on mobo wouldn't turn off unless I flip the power switch. I normally just shut RGB off in bios because AsRock RGB sync is just completely useless. The SN750 ssd and Dominator Ram are also upgrades. The case is not an upgrade but was restrictive on airflow top and bottom. So I added some taller feet to the bottom and noticed a 3-4 degrees difference on GPU. I also added some rubber spacers under the top glass for better exhaust for my aio and noticed about the same change for CPU.

Overall I have a good 20fps average increase in most games(1440p max settings) after upgrading from the 1600x on the b350itx. I already had the 2070, power supply, case, fans, cooler, and 860 pro in this build. I mainly upgraded to give my old parts to my cousin who is just getting into PC gaming.

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  • 4 months ago
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i need to know what caps on those you used to raise the pc on the bottom with please

  • 1 month ago
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i need to know what caps on those you used to raise the pc on the bottom with also please