This was my first build in over 10 years (last time I built a computer we still had ribbon cables XD), I have had input from friends who have gaming pc's and my old man is a software engineer (always usefull), I spent several months researching what I wanted and what price point I wanted to be at. The Main Thing I wanted to achieve was a Clean simple build that was near silent whilst running.

I have always been a gamer and for several years I have been a console only player, ranging from the original PS1 up to my current PS4. (I have had everything including, PS1/PS2/PS3/PS4/n64/GameCube/Xbox360/Amiga 32bit/Dreamcast/ And a range of handheld's)

My main aim was to build a gaming PC and the current setup i have created is aimed at achieving that goal in the near future. Just a few more things to add and ill be there. (Another stick of ram Mainly just because, another HDD for storage (I do have an old 500gb lying around but not sure if ill use it as its quite noisy) and A GPU).

Component choices:-

CPU - I decided on the i5-4690K as I wanted something that would be future proof for at least 5 years, I have no intention of doing an OC any time soon but I wanted the possibility of doing so in the future.

CPU Coole r- I have never used water cooling before but thought i would give it a go. I was originally thinking of going with a Noctua NH-D14 but at only £15 more i couldn't resist the H100i. Also the case i chose could easily accommodate it. As you can see I have front mounted the rad and it is drawing air in from the outside of the case utilizing the dust filter.

Motherboard - I went with the Asus Z97-A because it has all the features I wanted and was at the price point I wanted to pay. Mainly chose an Asus Board as I have always heard and read good reviews about their products.

Memory - I went with 8gb as it what I see as the minimum Required for a modern PC. I chose the Crucial Ballistix Tactical as it has a Low CAS rating, and was low profile to keep the inside of the PC looking as clean as possible.

Storage - I decided to go SSD as i wanted extremely quick boot times, and WOW does it achieve that! the 240-256gb range seems the best bang for your buck at the moment. I intend on adding another HDD at some point.

Case - THIS WAS THE FIRST THING I CHOSE! I absolutely adore the design of this case, i wasn't to fussed about the side window as the PC sits under my desk. Its completely clean on the front and the colour matches my car (Almost). It also gave me many options with the cooling. mainly the front mounting of the rad for my water cooler.

Power Supply - I chose the Evga 650w as it met my requirements, Fully modular and efficient. I know its was overkill for the current configuration but I wanted to cover myself if I ever decide to SLI or CrossFire GPU's. It also had excellent reviews.

Operating System - Windows 8.1, what can i say I was skeptical at first, coming from windows 7 home premium on my laptop was slightly odd at first now I am completely used to it.

Monitor - Acer K242HLAbid 24'', its nothing special a HD monitor that met my requirements, was originally looking at two smaller 20''-21'' but decided to go a bit bigger as i decided on a single monitor setup for now.

Mouse - Was an absolute bargain, was priced at £45 in a bargain bin at the front of the store but managed to talk the store manager in to giving me extra discount as the box was damaged and it was the last one in stock. Absolutely love how smooth it is.

Keyboard - Dell SK-8115 Keyboard, you really cant go wrong with these keyboards, I have several of them lying around and have used them for years, my fingers instantly know where the keys are. Quite noisy but no one can hear it other than me.

Speakers - Creative Labs A60 4W 2ch Speakers, simple basic cheap speakers, I probably wont be using these much as will have a headset on or headphones. However im quite impressed with them and they look nice.

Headset - Turtle Beach PX22 Licensed MLG Headset, love this headset have used it for all sorts of tasks, from console gaming to Skype, all the volumes adjust separately which is a bonus. I cant fault it in any way.

Mouse mat - LOGITECH G440 Gaming Mouse Mat, was a free gift cant remember where from. coincidentally it matches the color scheme of my mouse.

The entire build went very smoothly, I feel i need to work on the cable management a bit more as I am not completely happy with it, its ok for the first attempt.

Future plans are to add another stick of 8gb ram, a 1tb HDD for storage, and a Gpu.

I have not decided on the GPU as of yet, was looking at the R9 290 or the GTX780 but my mind is not made up.

Any how, thanks for looking and any comments are welcome. Don't be too critical tho ;-) HAHA!


Ok so only a little update

Bought some new case fans, a SSD mount so I could install it in a 3.5'' bay, a sata power cable extension and an UPCYCLED seagate barracuda 500GB HDD.

New Fans - Nanoxia NDS140PWM-1400 67.3 CFM 140mm, for the top of the case & Nanoxia NDS120PWM-1500 67.3 CFM 120mm, for the rear of the case. I decided on these fans as they have dome good reviews on line and were affordable for what i was going to use them for. £16.92 for both. I didnt want LED's on them as its not my taste. Also went for CFM fans so i could completely control them. Both are connected to the H100i.

SSD mount - I wanted to move the SSD as didn't really like the looks of where it was, I trial fitted it to the mount then decided to put it in the bottom of the case. HOWEVER I kept the mount in there above my back up HDD, did this so when I tucked cables in above it they didn't directly touch the HDD.

Sata power cable extension - I wanted to tidy up my cables and this helped a lot as you can see.

UPCYCLED HDD - I decided to take apart an old computer and discovered this 500GB HDD hiding away inside(its a sata 3 drive)(also found 2 other old IDE HDD's an 80GB and 120GB). Only using as a backup drive atm to store pics and music on.

So anyhoo there's my update.


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As far as the GPU goes I would look at the Nvidia 900 series (specifically 970). You will get more bang for your buck. Overall I like your build. Very clean and excellent cable management.

  • 63 months ago
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Asus STRIX 970 more specifically

  • 63 months ago
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Sollid build!

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Well the R9 290 is $217 while a 970 is $272, but they basically have the same performance. I guess it's just down to preference. But great build!

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The 290 is cheaper, but it ends up being louder/hotter than the 970.

In terms of performance though, either would be a fine card.

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Looking at your budget and what you have so far, and what you have planned, it seems like it will be a great build! Might I suggest a 970? Really it beats a titan black in gaming, and costs almost a third of a titan black. But of course, if you want something cheaper, the AMD R9 series gpu's are uber cheap now.