Sorry for lack of pictures. I originally built this back in November, with 4Gb RAM and a sapphire 7770 GHz Edition card, I bought a used monitor from a friend. I had the full intention of making a future proof build that would allow me to multitask and blow through games on max. I feel like i have nearly accomplished that finally. I am currently awaiting the monitors to get here so unfortunately I haven't run the 290 through its paces so I cannot comment on it.

Processor: I went AMD because I felt that for the dollar it was worth it, I have to put my budget through the wife prior to buying things. It works very well and I have yet to really see it falter with anything I throw at it.

Motherboard: Personally I chose this for the looks mainly, the black and grey with the little bit of blue Is quite subtle and that's what I wanted, even the wife had to say it was gorgeous.

Memory: Originally I had the corsair vengeance picked out but I had to cut down and found a decent deal on the G.Skill Sniper 1866 8Gb sticks. Both the sticks work and I would definitely recommend them to anybody who needs new sticks.

Hard Drive: Wanted a simple hard drive so didn't get anything too fancy. I hope to upgrade to an SSD sometime in the future.

Graphics: Again I haven't had the opportunity to test out the 290 however I do love my 7770 She worked hard on some games but really did better than I was hoping. For anyone that is looking for a budget card that doesn't need to max games I would go with it. Even at max load she Is fairly quiet. opinion on the 290 upfront. I was upset that it had yellow on it however I decided to deal with it because I had the money now and didn't want to regret it later. This card is Huge i mean I read up on it and all but didn't realize how much larger than my 7770 she would be, and in person the yellow doesn't look as bad and once Installed very little of it will show. I will have to remove my extra drive bays due to the size which I don't care about as much.

Case: I have always loved the look of the phantom cases, when I found one in black just had to have it, I did replace the fans with master cooler fans, 3 120 Green LED fans and a 140 fan( was supposed to be 2 but one broke during shipping.I left the power button and Hard drive indicator off because they were blue. I feel that the fans being on is enough to know that it is working.

Power: I will have to give it to Seasonic, It is quite a solid power supply It is quiet and seems to have no issues running everything smoothly.

CD/DVD: It was a cheap drive from a reliable company.

Monitors: I haven't received them yet But will update when they arrive later this week.

Update: I received the monitors and hooked them up. They are quite clear for inexpensive monitors and the 290 runs very smoothly, unfortunately I haven't tested out any games more demanding than FarCry 3 on it, however it runs circles around max settings on triple screens and it is extremely quiet. That was what amazed me the most; how quiet my computer was when I switched over from the 7770.

I renamed from my first build after my second son, who died on march 15 of this year he was there every second I worked on it and would just sit in my lap as I would do my homework or play video games with it. Since he died I have been in VA so my computer is still in Ca just as I let it. I am returning this week and will definitely take some pics of it for everyone.

Update: I got my pc back to VA and set her up so she is no longer on the floor. I am starting to look into doing a custom loop to really drive home my build. I am also looking into an affordable black water cooling capable tower does anyone have any suggestions?

08/15/2014: Ordered a 3TB because I ran through the 1TB a little quicker than expected I haven't received the HD or the LED strip but they should be here later today I will install them and add some more pictures once complete.


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Sorry to hear about your son man :/

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Thank you It has been a very difficult couple of months but every time I look at this pc I remember all the time I spent with him whether it was just holding him while I did my homework or when I was looking at upgrades for it. I do look forward to upgrading it and modding it to really create something unique.

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Yeah man! Hope it becomes your dream build. Just stay strong man! Hes in a better place(: