This system has been a long time coming.

I couldn't stand my 2007/2008 prebuilt Compaq Presario SR5421F anymore, from the constant hanging to the inability to play any decent game. I also was influenced from having built a couple pcs for other people but not one for myself. Initially I just wanted a modern system, but I acquired a brand new GTX 770 from a friend for only $200 so of course I had to upgrade the other parts I planned to buy.

Went with an AMD CPU because of the price versus Intel premiums. I made a mistake with the RAM and got 1.65v 1600 instead of 1.5v 1600, and only 4GB as I'm pretty sure I won't be using more than that. Definitely loving the Corsair 200R, although the Antec 300/2 was my second choice. I picked up the Antec HCG-620w for a steal at $64($71 total).

Overall, I'm very satisfied with my build, buyer's remorse is not even possible for me. I needed a new system that wouldn't freeze; I got a great video card for cheap; and now I can do some pc gaming here and there that doesn't cost as much as console gaming.

Reused parts: TP-Link wifi adapter ASUS VH236H E-3lue Cobra jr mouse

Tried my best with cable management, could be better but eh it's good enough.

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  • 74 months ago
  • 3 points

I would personally grab another stick of 4gb of RAM. Other than that, this is a really nice balanced computer!

  • 74 months ago
  • 2 points

That 770 for $200 is beyond a steal. Great build!

  • 74 months ago
  • 1 point

Essentially a $700 build (minus monitor) and you got a 770! Awesome. Well done. This build has plenty of room for future upgrades too. Someday you'll want more RAM and overclock the CPU. Luckily this build is ready!

  • 74 months ago
  • 0 points

The fact that you received a GTX 770 for $200 is unbelievable. However, I would go for and extra stick of ram ( 8gb in total ). I would have recommended the fx 8350 for an extra $60 if you can fish that out.

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