Note: I bought a GTX 1080 Asus rog Strix gaming not a founders edition there was no option for it so ya.

I bought it for $640 before tax and with rebate applied at micro center in store.

Main uses: I intend to use it for high refresh rate 1080p gaming for counterstrike, osu!, and for Star Citizen when it comes out (waited 4 years for this). This was my long awaited repalcement of my 7970 which finally artifacted into oblivion a few days ago so i took this as my queue to upgrade the monitor and video card.

Part Reviews


Never again, haswell was a failure and their chips dont overclock well I went through 3 different processors no luck. I had better luck with the previous generation i5-3570k. Imiss it so much.

CPU Cooler

Decent watercooler and is quiet enough during load but for overclocking it is less than adequate noise wise, would recommend a h80i instead.


Nothing bad to say about this motherboard, it has really good overclocking utilities, however I would prefer a Dr. Debug to the separate LED's but thats just my preference.


Really good ssd I also bought a 850 evo really good as well performance wise they are pretty similar in terms of real world performance so if you want to save some money go for the 840 if available.


Had to saw the hard drive bay to fit my 1080 would not recommend it for a 1080 build go for something a little bigger however it was more than enough for my 7970

Power Supply

Had no issues with this PSU but as for others I heard common issues with coil whine and chirping so i would reccomend against it especially for a 1080 build, definitely would add another 100 watts for extra wiggle room for OC.


Fantastic monitor especially when running at 180 HZ, great for fps gameplay. However, I would warn that it does have some downsides when running overclocked at 180hz, ive noticed some horizontal lines, barely noticeable but I thought i should make that apparent for prospective buyers. Also colors seem to get washed out in this overclocking mode. Overall though it is a great monitor that has a fantastic stand that is adjustable in every way.


Fantastic fps mouse, I personally dont like it for other uses because of its super lightweight feel but thats just my preference. If you like the old Microsoft mice you will love these mice.

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Is it working ok? Mobo is not well-rated, and im planning to buy one