Amazing machine, I'll post more photos and details over time. I've rebuilt this machine a bunch of times tweaking this and that. I don't think I'll ever be done changing things, but I meant to post this a year ago when i started opening the first sets of boxes haha. I plan on making a video of building in this case as I can't find jack **** online. It's an amazing option for those looking for a Ncase or a DanCase. Just slightly larger for WAY cheaper :)

Also temps are not accurate, I'm at work. But I'll check them later and update.

I haven't added Fans, The fan controller, or the leds inside. But it has fans, don't worry. p.s. you can fit a 120 in the front...

Part Reviews


I have pushed this to the limit, 4 Virtual machines running for weeks, one of those being a minecraft server with a dozen players on each day. I leave it OC'd to 3.6 but I got it stable at 3.8ish with the stock cooler. I'm a huge fan of the performance of this CPU. 9/10 would recommend.


If you've been following the ITX mobo trail for AM4 you know this has been a long tiring road. This Mobo, imo, is the best of the first wave (before ASUS). The VRM heatsink was crap, Asrock send me a better one :) Very easy to install, recommended for even a novice builder to replace. Wifi card pooped out on me. For $20 you can replace it with a 8265NGW. Easy and worth it, even if yours isn't broken haha. This board will actually be replaced by the Asus b350 in favor of the 2 m.2 slots. I will reuse this board in a 2400g workstation. For now though, it's pretty great:)


I can't find anything bad to say about this kit. Worked at speeds advertised out of the box. Haven't tried to OC, but someday I will :)


No complaints. If you don't need NVMe speeds... Save a little money I guess?


Hasn't failed me yet... But I don't keep anything important on here.

Video Card

It's not a 1080... But it's hella cheaper. I recommend this card to all of those who are open minded. I will be replacing it, or installing an Arctic cooler for the next build. No issues besides it being a little loud. But I haven't had a quiet graphics card before haha


I have a million things to say about this case. Stay tuned for a video demonstrating every possible configuration. Really a stand up product for the price. This case pushes me toward designing cases for a living.


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The Poor Man's NCASE M1. I think Cougar really improved on the design of the original QBX with this revision.

All the component selection is flawless, IMO. Have my +1

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Thank you very much. I had a 2 fan 970 in there at first, but ITX just doesn't work too well (IMO) with non reference designs. One thing this has over the smaller NCASE is that I can first a full size ATX PSU, even the long 1000 watts. I'll try to cover all of that when I make a video for it.