My old Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop was not cutting it anymore. I needed a computer that could run a few games, do some rendering, and be a perfect everyday machine. So what do you get when you have a 16 year old with on a budget and a love for computers? A replacement for an Xbox 360 and an 5 year old laptop? My first custom built computer!

Some of the components I didn't go all out on because of the budget. But that's fine, I plan to upgrade when I can afford it.

CPU - I saw it was a Quad core with plenty of processing power. It was affordable and packs out so much more performance than that old Intel Dual Core 2.0GHz on the laptop.

Motherboard - I only needed a Micro ATX board for a Video Card and Wifi Card, so it was the perfect choice. It was also cheap, But you get what you pay for. The SATA ports are underneath the Graphics Card, so i had to pick up some right angle SATA connectors to plug anything in.

Memory - Good Price and Good Performance, not to much to say. 4GB < 8GB = :)

Storage - After filling up my 250GB drive, and resorting to using a 160GB drive as a external drive (Which I also filled up), I am so glad I got a 1TB Drive. Plenty of storage!

Video Card - It's not a super high end R9 290. But this card works just fine for my needs. It's fast, reliable, and is great for overclocking. With 2GB of memory, it was the cheapest card I could get with the best performance from a reputable brand.

Case - It was the cheapest case with a power supply. I'm fully aware that generic power supplies are untrustworthy. It will be temporary until I can shell out some money for a better one. The power supply did not have any 6-Pin PCI express connectors, So I had to get a Molex to 6-Pin adapter from a local computer store. That case is nice and sleek. Doesn't have good cable management, but what would you expect from a cheap case, I don't mind it though.

Overall the system is real nice! It runs great and plays games fine! I'm really happy how the system turned out and I learned a lot about building computers.

Steam has games UBER cheap <3 PC Master Race


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Hey man, awesome build. I would of gone with the R7 260x OC edition, its alot faster and cheaper. Also, what games can you max out? Far Cry3 BF4?

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if possible could you post a picture of the right angle SATA cables under the gpu