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Server Build

by Jomack16



Date Published

Feb. 11, 2017

CPU Clock Rate

2 GHz


Currently just running PLEX and some encoding jobs. Had a lot of fun reading up on all these parts and making sure they would work together. Spent quite a while watching deals and did not pay all prices as listed here (especially the CPUs). Love the case! I love it so much i just bought another (white) one off of a guy from craigslist for the future.

Any questions please ask and I will answer as best as possible.

Part Reviews


Great CPU especially if you can get your hands on 1 (or 2) for what I did (~$280 a piece) currently using two of these processors with task that use all cores. Specs say that it should be capable of boosting to 3.2GHz however I have only seen it go to a maximum clock of 2.5GHz.

CPU Cooler

Hyper 212 Evo. What more can you say. These are the best CPU coolers outside of water. Hands down. Including the 2 used in this build, I have installed and tested 5 different CPU/Uses/Builds with this cooler. It's amazing everytime. Keeps my core temps 55c and under, no matter the load.


Good board. Bios is not resplendent with features, but it has everything you would need in a server motherboard. Picked this board because 2 sockets and size. PLEASE NOTE: this is an ATX board but DOES NOT have all ATX mounting holes available. (This caused an issue mentioned in the case review)


Good SSD, makes every thing (boot, program launch, etc) faster as an SSD should.


Great drive! Awesome performance! Currently being used in a pool (behind drive bender) with its brethren (3 add'tl 6tb Toshiba drive) for a total pool size of ~24TB. Good read/write speeds as expected from a drive with a cache the size of this one. (150MB/s-200MB/s)


Amazing Case! Love it and will buy another one for the future, even if I don't need it right now, lol. This, again, was not purchased at retail price. Found it used on Amazon with all parts. I picked this case because of it's 3.5 drive capacity, it's lack of flashiness, it's noise reducing design and because I like the matte black outer aesthetic. Case comes with a 7 header 3 pin case fan controller(?). Drive bays are re configurable to suit any need. NOTE: because I bought it used, there were already MB standoffs in place for an ATX board. Because of this you'll notice a picture where a standoff is touching DIMM slot pins on the back of the board (the board did not have/use standard hole placement). This was later remedied by removing the standoff.

Power Supply

Beautiful PSU! perfectly powerful enough for what it is doing. TBH the box/packaging this thing came in was my favorite of the whole build. Sleek, clean, organized. In practical terms, because I could afford it on this build, I went with Full modular. Will every time if I can.

Case Fan

Good enough fans. Only reason these get 4 stars is because the wiring isn't shielded. Otherwise, these are great, quiet air movers.

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Npruessner 2 points 24 months ago

Seems like you have a pretty good build there. I would love it if you could buy this for me. Seems like a great housewarming gift.

triskalion 2 points 24 months ago

I have the same motherboard and cooler, did you have any issues getting the brace's screws into the risers? It just seemed a little tougher on mine than the last time I installed one.

Jomack16 submitter 1 Build 1 point 24 months ago

you mean the tension from the cross bracket for the 212? It did seem a little tougher. But they went in just fine.

pe4nut666 2 points 17 months ago

Are they retail cpus or ES samples. Just wondering if the board works ok with ES

Jomack16 submitter 1 Build 1 point 17 months ago

I am currently using it with ES CPUs. They have been performing perfectly. However I have been running into an issue with any kind of virtualization. If I try to enable Hyper-V or use VMware for a virtual machine, the server will hard reboot. Not sure if this is the processors or something else. Just a note. Going to be checking the processors in use individually to see if they will do virtualization when not linked

maxy1503 1 Build 1 point 19 months ago

Hey man,

21 cores? DAMN! +1 Also, why are you using the world's worst GPU? If you got a good one you could use GPU Acceleration as GPU's have like a trillion more cores.

Jomack16 submitter 1 Build 1 point 19 months ago

I just needed something to output video Not sure what I would use GPU acceleration for, lol

maxy1503 1 Build 1 point 19 months ago

True dat. I was just thinking if you needed it lol. Anyway though, what a build.