I saw this case with the Acrylic on top, thought it was pretty cool, and i put this together. i know the black and red has been overdone so many times, but you know why, it looks cool as hell. Simple quad-core and a 1070, great for 1080p gaming. I was worried about the vertical GPU getting too hot, but it will top at 76, so not too bad. MSI GPU have been good to me.

Part Reviews


i picked it up on sale, not the biggest fan of the Gigabyte bios or the AppCenter feature, but it does the job for the price, and i love the built in wi-fi / bluetooth


Just added this to replace older gskill memory, i love how the prices have come down in October of 2018

Video Card

i needed the Red and MSI has not failed me yet. no worries games like a champ no problem on 1080p, super fast. Peaks at 76 degrees even on the vertical mount


What started the build, love the look of the clear gull-wing, original, hope i made it worthy

Power Supply

more than enough, reliable, and low priced


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inb4 people say the i3 bottlenecks the GPU

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i have no complaints

  • 4 months ago
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upgraded to i5

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It's your own personal rig. I'd say, choose the color that you like the best! 76 C seems to be normal, though slightly hot. I wonder if you can use MSI Afterburner or similar to modify the GPU fan curve. Maybe have a little more aggressive curve to keep the temps down.

The other thing you might be able to do is to adjust the fan curve for the front case fans. Feeding more cool air into the case might also help.

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i did set in afterburner, but did not think about front fans, i will make the change and see if that reduces. Good Tip

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I don't think changing the speed for the front fans will be that drastic, though I think it could help. I wonder if reapplying new thermal compound would help. Obviously, this would require you to remove the cooler (and void your warranty).

For reference, my Asus GTX 1070 Strix OC is between 65 and 70 under load when it was on its stock aircooler.

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The old grab a drive from out of the drawer... speaking of that, I should check... I think most of my spares are IDE. May be time to get rid of them.