It has an odd issue of never being able to go in and out of standby successfully, but it is otherwise a very powerful gaming computer.

The hard drive I actually got free from a friend who works at Seagate, I'm not even sure if the one I put on the list is the exact one (It doesn't matter, though).


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Go to BIOS and check C1/C3 state support. It should be under power management or something like that. C1 will let your computer go to sleep but all the components will be running anyway. C3 will let the computer shut off completely to save power. I have mine on C3 and if I am away for 30 minutes I doubt I'd be coming back anytime soon so I prefer my machine to be off. It still uses some power though being in C3 state. Just google and you can find much more about it as I never owned ASRock boards before.

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That's an okay build. If you were going budget I would have suggested an i3-2120 and an mATX board. Also that 250gb drive will soon prove to be not sufficient, but other than that, nice build. I wouldn't pay that much for a case though, since fulltower really isn't necessary in your case.