Hello guys.

NOTE: Please excuse my grammar and maybe my spelling mistakes. English is my 2nd or 3rd language so please forgive me :v and the Photos were limited. I will try to get more HD Photos next time if i clean my rig and disassemble it and get more photos. I apologize.

I am ThonyGenzo. A Filipino PC-Hardware or Tech lover and also a Avionics Technician Student. I've been loving tech related stuff in the past 6 years but i decided its time to build my very 1st rig. I wasn't nervous or clueless on what to do. Having that 6 year knowledge about tech helped my decide and pick the best parts that i can buy. My rig will be used in video editing and streaming and some cad (for dad). I'll be doing some reviews and do game casting and commentaries if i have a better net. PH net sucks balls here. Current net is at 3Mbps (Highest speed) which really is **** compared to other countries but were getting higher speeds now because Telstra is trying to enter the country.

I am going to share my build codename Heize. I named it after the Korean female rapper because our rigs sometimes need a name. (well i do and maybe some people also to) and the kid in the picture is my lil bro. He is my model for today. haha

You can see that my parts are really thought out well. I am going to share some stories and how i settle to the parts.

CPU: Well i was planning my rig in the last 6 months and Skylake just released at that time and the prices were very very similar that time and why not get the 5820k for a few bucks more. I get more cores (4 vs 6) and it can handle the same as the 6700K but a slightly slower.

Cooler: Well. I just went on what cooler was available on the market. I planned on getting a AIO Cooler but the cooler wasn't in the planned budget so i jumped on the best bang for the buck cooler. 212X is a slightly revamp version of the popular hyper 212 Evo.

Mobo: I was planning to get the Asus X99-A/USB 3.1 but Philippine market really sucked at getting the latest hardware and the choices are also very limited. I heard good reviews on the MSI X99A SLI Plus on the net and decided to get it. I ordered it on a retail store here and picked up it after 3 days. The mobo is sleek and very stylish but the problem is the heatsinks were fingerprint magnet.

RAM: I went to a retailer store and took the best priced ram here. I bought the RAM earlier than the Mobo and CPU. So its running dual channel mode and i know quad channel is best for X99 but I can easily upgrade to 32 GB in the future. I wished the black version came out early. I could have gone a black and gunmetal grey theme. I might sell this in the future and get a black version of the ram.


The best performing SSD in the market is Samsung. So i picked up an 850 EVO and the 250GB version for higher capacity for the OS and some software or apps. The HD wasn't on my planned build at 1st but i joined a giveaway from Back2Gaming and I won the WD Black 6 TB HD. It was unexpected but i am glad the cost of my rig got lower and i got a higher capacity. (F)or (A)cademic (P)urposes :v

Videocard/GPU: I was planning on getting Pascal or AMD's next gpus and a local store in my country just put up a countdown sale for Christmas and I was able to get this GPU for a very cheap price but its a refurbished card though and i have a very limited warranty on this but i am planning to purchase a pascal card or the amd's equivalent card in the future. (Running @ stock for now)

Case: I was planning to get a NZXT case before and but that time. Phanteks just entered the PH market and bought this one instead. I really like the interior design of Phanteks but the sidepanels were just to thin and flimsy as hell but overall its a great case. I might do my 1st mod on this case. IDK yet.

PSU: We all know Seasonic is one of the best brands of PSUs in the market next to Superflower, EVGA etc. and I recommend for the PSU reviews. They are very reliable source about getting the best PSU for your rig.


MKB: I as using the Poseidon Z RGB at 1st but i wasn't about the lighting customizations of the KB. and i saw the Corsair Strafe RGB on sale. I didn't think twice to get it. Solid MKB but sometimes i'm experiencing late registering of keys during in games like DotA 2. I might RMA the keyboard if this keeps happening.

Mouse: I was looking for the best mice in the market to replace my 3-4 year old CM Storm Inferno (its still works but i am handing it down to my brother who's too lazy to buy himself a decent mouse). and The G502 really fits to my category. I hope the illumination in the mouse was RGB. So my peripherals were in the same color but its ok.

Headset: HyperX is one of the brands that really makes decent "gaming" headset. Noted that gaming headsets are a marketing **** or ploy for gamers to buy. I learned its better to buy an audiophile headset and a good mic. I might buy the Superlux HD 668B and pair it with an Audio Technica ATR2500 for my stream and video stuff.

Monitor: I was planning to get a VC239H from ASUS but budget was limited and i think i can use this TV as a monitor and upgrade and the future to a monitor.


My planned upgrades for 2016 might be the GPU, Monitor and the Headset and Mic Combo.

Hope you guys will have a good 2016. and more power to the #PCMASTERRACE. Feel free to post some comments.

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  • 49 months ago
  • 2 points

Great build! +1 I'm building something similar myself and like how you managed the cables.

Just got a Phanteks case as well and am very happy with it. They clearly put some effort into the design and functionality, and the cable management options and airflow are great. I agree that the sides are a bit soft, but an excellent bang for your buck.

  • 49 months ago
  • 1 point

Its a good case for the price but its kinda lacking. I might change it this 2016 and if phanteks release a good case with a decent price tag.

  • 49 months ago
  • 1 point

Awesome build, and you English is very good! +1

  • 49 months ago
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  • 49 months ago
  • 1 point

Very solid all round, your english is great btw. With the keyboard latency check your ping isnt over 100 try installing any software/drivers for it or change USB port.

  • 49 months ago
  • 1 point

I got a message from Corsair last time and some of the issues are now fixed and i am now observing the delay registration of the keys and so far i have no problems for now.

  • 48 months ago
  • 1 point

+1 for SeaSonic PSU, Great Build btw!