My first build. My wife uses it for her photo business and I use it for the occasional gaming session.

Originally built it in May 2019 with a Ryzen 7 2700x, Gigabyte X470 Gaming 5 wifi motherboard and a ROG Strix RTX 2070. Then in July, as we all know, the 3rd Gen Ryzen came out and Nvidia released the super cards. So in less than two months most of the main components I had purchased had better products at the same price. This is my fault, I should have done more research into what was coming.

That being said, I was very annoyed with this development so I used the Micro Center warranties I had purchased for the CPU, GPU and motherboard (as their associates instructed me to do) and returned them to upgrade to the parts shown in the list. Except they were out of stock of the 3700x so I got the 3800x instead, then after thinking about it some more, I felt the extra 4 cores for $100 was worth it so I returned the 3800x and got the Ryzen 9 3900x that is listed in the final parts list.

Next I would like to replace the stock cooler with an AIO at some point.

So far it works great for both editing and gaming.

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  • 16 days ago
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Any problems with the ram? I know that ram and certain motherboard's have weird compatibility problems.