This build is my first build. I use it for gaming, and before this I used a Dell Inspiron Laptop for gaming (20-25 FPS on Minecraft, 10-15 FPS on Skyrim, 5-15 FPS Far Cry 3, All on Low as possible). I must say the machine seems to work a hell of a lot better than my old laptop. The case is wider than most Mid Tower Cases I've seen, but that leaves enough room for the big *** power cord from the PSU. I get around 50-60 FPS in most of my games, and I've enjoyed being able to see what I'm shooting at instead of just having a seizure when playing FC3 Blood Dragon. So that's a plus. I plan to get some more fans in the future, maybe a green LED one (like in the front) will be put on the top of the case.


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