Built for CPU heavy games and sims, such as ARMA3, DCS World 2, and Star Citizen, with an eye for future proofing while keep within budget. This is the first ground up build I have ever done, with the last computer hardware fiddling I have done being literally a decade ago. Future upgrades include a second monitor, case lighting, and a back-lit mechanical keyboard.

Part Reviews


Fantastic case.


-A ton of cable management options, with included velcro straps and generous grommets throughout.

-All cables are clearly labeled for mobo connection, and the manual can get you through any problems you encounter.

-Removable drive cages allow you to keep what you need where you want it, and not have the rest taking up space.

-Matte white paint job is excellent.


-The front panel, and forward moduvent can be difficult to pop off.

-The front panel dust filter was rubbing on my 140mm Noctua fans, so I had to remove it.

-Be aware that with a 280mm radiator on top, you wont be able to fit a 140mm fan on the back panel unless you remove the optical drive bay.

-You may need a 120 and 140mm fan on bottom(instead of two 140's), depending on how big your PSU is, as the cables coming off the PSU may prevent a 140mm fan.

-I wish they offered this case(White w/ window) with a brushed metal front door.

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  • 48 months ago
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+1 It looks amazing, if you would, you can put more images :)