First picture: before you mention it, this was the original build. I had to take everything out of the case in a haste to build that PC. So much in a haste that I finished the rig in front of the buyer and didn't have time for photoshoot. So the first pic is the only pic of the case per say.

So I was eagerly waiting for Black Friday or Cyber Monday and I couldn't find super deals. But I decided to build a brand new computer anyways. About 3 years ago we had super incredible deals and that's about it. Two years ago we had interesting deals. Last year and this year, nope, only the usual stuff. I live in Canada so I don't have the same discounts as you guys in the USA.

The goal was to quickly build a computer and sell it before christmas. I failed miserably. The PSU took 2 weeks to arrive and because of that I lost 20$ in rebate from Asrock. But I have to say I NEVER trust asrock to hand out their promised mail-in rebates.

At the same time I spotted on local ads a brand new R7 260X for 70$ which turned out to be an R9 270 and I got it for 60$. Turns out they return their broken 260X to Asus and since it would take long they bought another card. Then Asus upgraded the hardware since they were out of 260X and they got the 270 instead. Brand new warranty return from Asus!!

While I was waiting for the parts to arrive a friend of mine asked if I could build him a new rig... after christmas. And then the next day the brother in law asked if I have a computer laying around. Told him that I would in a few days when all the parts are here.

HDD I had it in stock already and I realized it's about the same price now as 3 years ago. Yes, bought it 3 years ago!

The case I bought it earlier this year and couldn't finish building the rig. Last computer I made was in March and I got sort of depressed after being sick for a while and I didn't work at all on any computer project of my own since then. Now I'm back! And I have plenty of stuff coming down the pipeline (I'd like to clear my mini workshop for future projects).

Gave him 2 wifi N because the first one wasn't working properly to his liking. When it's in the family you waste no time and try to help them asap!

So in the end I have sold him the rig for 550$ And he will probably go buy his favorite version of Windows and activate it, I only installed it and he still has several days to take action before it runs out of time. I had to talk him out of the i5 because for the use he makes (not a lot of gaming at all) the i3 will be plenty of power. He comes from a Laptop with first-gen i7 clocked under 2ghz I think. He was astonished at how fast the machine could boot! Didn't time it but approx 10 sec I would say. For comparison, the i5 was coming well over 300$ including taxes and shipping, more than twice the price of the i3. Makes a huge difference on a budget build.

Part Reviews


As always that cpu is fantastic. I'm an AMD fanboy but that little bugger is running perfectly with a lot of processing power.


I have to knock a star because of the lack of HDMI output. Otherwise I am most pleased with that board: pcie x1 placed exactly where it should ALWAYS be, full of features, compact size. Take note: this board is marked as mATX but in reality it's a DTX sized motherboard. While ITX allows 1 slot the DTX accomodates 2 slots just like this one.

if you do not intend to use a discrete gpu avoid this board, no hdmi. Otherwise it's a good choice. Asrock could replace the TWO PS2 plugs with an hdmi, in my opinion.


ram with heat spreaders that don't reach for the sky. Viper sticker included.


I didn't test this drive, merely installed OS on it but I was very pleased with the boot time, it looks promising.


Had this one for 3 years in my inventory and still brand new. It's the standard drive to use for storage.

Video Card

It's getting old but it's still quite capable. Entry gaming with 2gb vram and 256bits memory bus. Not so long ago I was playing BattleField 4 with that card so I have doubt it'll perform very well for the intended use. Fans can be adjusted to be near silent on idle and even on load they aren't like a jet fighter on a low pass.


It's pretty, it's small, it's super light. Inside, once you have your hardware installed it's cramped. Ipossible to remove the hdd/sdd rack because of rivets and if you have big hands good luck reaching the front fan and such.

only 3 stars because it could be better, almost a 4 stars though. I would actually buy it again!!

Power Supply

I've been buying evga for a while and I think I will continue to do so. Except for the 400w they provide good units at a low price. This one I expect to get a mail-in rebate, we'll see how that goes. Bronze certified was a plus usually I'm sold as soon as they get 80+


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You are a real business man now! :-)

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Hopefully you are still active! But, how does the SSD and HDD fit?

I have a Samsung Evo 850 250g 2.5" for main storage and frequent used programs, I'm looking to get a second storage drive, 1tb WD cavier blue 3.5" internal. Do you think it'll fit? And would I have to mount it above the SSD mount? (I have my SSD mounted very low on the case)

Hope ya can help! thanks man

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ok I dunno how to reply AND add a picture to it. That Xion case can hold 3 drives (1x2.5" + 2x3.5") without any mod, depending on your cpu cooling size. That was the short answer. Long answer now...

The 2.5 goes at the bottom emplacement from the "rack" and the 2 upper emplacements are for 3.5". If you want to hold more 2.5 drives you just screw a 3.5 to 2.5 rack into the 3.5 place (typically holds 2 x 2.5 unless you buy a simple 3.5 to 2.5 adapter).

So even though it's advertised as 1x2.5 + 1x3.5 you can fit 2x 3.5 in there. BEWARE: your cpu cooler might block the middle emplacement, the not-advertised bonus 3.5" (screw holes match standard hdd pattern for 4 of the holes).

want maximum drives? Mount 2x 3.5" to dual 2.5" and you get 5x2.5"

you can also find on eBay some nifty expansion brackets to hold 1-2 2.5" drives in your unused PCI slots. This is an mATX case so max slot is 4 minus whatever you use for gpu or any other device.

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yes a lot of hype around black friday, not so much deep discount as we would expect.