The root of my desire to finally build my own rig was and is, admittedly, gaming. Nothing against consoles, but they've gotten so dull for me over the years. I also do graphic design, video editing, music production, streaming, etc. So I figured it'd be nice to wrap all my entertainment and work hardware into one bundle. Hence my building of this self proclaimed "beaut". Building it was the most stressful thing in my life.. I've been in life threatening situations that didn't freak me out as much as this build. First time around was the 15th of last week... Got all the parts, got hyped, anti-static'd myself up and got to building. Took about 6 hours due to constant distractions and having to make dinner. Got her all put together, wired up, panels back on... Took her to my room, clicked the power button, moment of truth.... Dun Dun Dun *dramatic music ensues..... No post, no light, no fans, no nothing, no glimmer of hope or an attempt at life. My heart sank. I thought to myself all the things that I could have accidentally done, for example: shock something, missing a standoff, over forced some parts, etc. I felt a little down so I decided to go to bed. Woke up the next morning scared that I may have just messed up an expensive rig. As you can see in the second to last picture, I took everything back out of the case and reassembled on my makeshift test bench (mobo box lmao). It booted into bios. The problem, which I found out, was that I didn't plug the second part of the mobo connector to the PSU. I felt embarrassed as hell! But, at least it worked! Then the next hour and a half was consumed by reassembling. I am now posting this, a week after the build, on the computer. I've already had countless hours of gaming and countless hours in fruity loops and sony vegas! I have my own little Joker theme going on with my RGB keyboard and mouse. Still haven't dabbled on all the custom effects of the keyboard and mouse, will get to that sometime. And my nerves would have overcome my ability to do this build if it wasn't for good ole Copenhagen! Yeah buddy. Hope y'all like the build, I know the cable management isn't terrific but it's acceptable.

Processor: I was originally going to go with the 4690k to save some money but ended up going with this due to the hyperthreading which should help out nicely for video rendering, music production, streaming, and it'll obviously boost fps by a few which is always a plus! With absolutely nothing running except the temp program it idles at 20° C. The heaviest load I've put on this was several demanding applications open simultaneously whilst gaming (which ended up being an eight hour session). Temps got to 49° C. Needless to say, the cooler is keeping it relatively frosty.

CPU Cooler: Went with the H100i due to the fantastic reviews and to the fact I didn't want a big ugly air cooler.

Mobo: This stood out to me for it's exceptional look and it's great bios/uefi. It has plenty of features and makes overclocking a breeze. It includes the killer e2200 lan, which I have no experience on but the specs supposedly give it an edge. Anyways, it's a good solid board that gives huge upgrade-ability.

Ram: Simple; No big obnoxious heat-sink, has a nice aesthetic look, nice clock speed, better than average cas latency for the speed. Pretty pissed off because the little plastic container thing the ram was in was open on one side which cause the modules to slide around during transit. Thank God they still work.

SSD: I was originally gonna get the pro version (but they skyrocketed from 180 to 280 right before I was about to order). Slightly slower read/write speeds but still faster than hell nonetheless and fifty bucks cheaper than the pro.

HDD: I was only planning on getting the 1TB drive but seeing as this was on sale and I knew I'd be recording heftily I figured why the heck not!

GPU: Is any explanation really required?... Fine! Well, it's the best and by the best 3rd party re-seller (EVGA). They have an amazing card and to wrap it all up they have an amazing warranty. inb4 "You could have gotten a 970 and overclocked to near 980 performance".

Case: Simple. Great airflow, aesthetically pleasing, and above all it's unique.

PSU: I'm just a bit of a Corsair fanboy. In all seriousness though the ax760 is a damn good PSU (platinum rating, great reviews, hybrid fan mode, fully modular) and I got it on sale which made it near impossible to pass up. (Cables are stiff as whiskey)

Optical Drive: Cheap and it works. Don't know what else to say about it.

OS: Obvious...

Monitor: Good size, high refresh rate, good picture (colors are absolute garbage out of the box, easily made good with some simple googling)

Keyboard and Mouse: Once again, Corsair fanboy. The RGB models are expensive and totally unnecessary but can't a man spoil himself every now and then? Lmao

Headset: ......I'm fanboying pretty hard here, huh? But seriously, great headset, great sound, tremendous bass. Just ungodly loud, make sure to turn system volume to about 20 if you plan to use these, for the sake of your ears.

Edit: I'm certain that my temps are only as low as they are due to the colder than usual ambient temperature. Once it gets hotter again in the summer I'm sure they'll rise with the weather.

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  • 61 months ago
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how in the fark has not one person said at least "nice farking build!!!!!" +100

  • 61 months ago
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I have wondered the same, kind of disappointing that this didn't get any attention. Mainly due to the fact that I like constructive criticism, so not getting any is disheartening. But thank you, none the less! :)

  • 39 months ago
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very clean looking build my only suggestion is too add some led lightstrips inside the case to make it really stand out