Finally got around to upload some photos. I was going to wait till I painted the GPU shroud but I'm too lazy to do all that. This is my first build in over a decade so the cable management isnt the best LoL Didnt do any stress test because it does the job that I built it for so dont need a stress test to tell me what I already know. I will say, for having 8 fans its not that loud even when playing games. I have a headset on when gaming so I dont really hear it. If I knew how to do good fan curves I can have this thing dead quiet when in normal use. Its not summer yet in Cali so we will see what the fan noise is when outside temps get in the 80's-100s'.

Now that we are in quarantine and I have another SSD M.2 on the way I have to take the GPU out I might paint it then for *****.

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