Hi everyone! After lurking for many months I've finally made the decision to build my first gaming pc. I wanted a machine that could game with buttery smooth graphics and also watch videos.

Cpu - i5 6600k since I don't need the hyper threading of the i7 the i5 is more the all I need for gaming.

Cpu cooler - deepcool captain 240 it was on special at Canada computers and it looks cool.

Mobo - asus z170-a got this cause of the look and features

Ram - corsair vengeance lpx 16gb ram is ram

Gfx - msi gtx 1070 aero oc, I got this since it was in stock at ncix and the price.

Hdd - WD blue 1 tb

Ssd - samsung evo 850 250gb windows drive

Psu - evga 550watt g2 just enough for what I need.

Fans - deepcool tf 120 white led, got these since they were on special also they looked cool.

Overall everything went smoothly with the build after watching videos and guides from here, was a lot of fun to build it as it made time go by so quick. All the games I play (overwatch, rust, h1z1, and guild wars 2) run so smooth and high frames with maxed settings. Next I would like to buy a monitor since my current one is outdated any recommendations?.

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  • 42 months ago
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Sweet build. +1 Are you wanting to game in 1440p? If so I'd go with the Acer XB271HU. I have it, got it scratch and dent from the Acer Recertified Store for 450. Runs like a dream. I'd also get a back plate for that 1070.

  • 42 months ago
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Where can I get a back plate?

  • 42 months ago
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I'd be cautious with that CPU cooler. A lot of people have had complaints with the pump breaking or liquid leaking onto their parts. If you wouldn't mind spending more for the same look and appeal, you could go with the upgraded version, which features better tubing and some improved pump design.

  • 41 months ago
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yeah,def take dizzle's advice and get another cooler asap,the captin coolers are really cool looking,but they do fail quickly and have tendencies to leak onto your precious components,awesome build by the way,gotta love the 540!!my go to case,getting ready to do a build in another one here very soon!1+ for this sucker you've got here:)