This is technically my 4th build but only my 2nd personal build.

The original plan was to only upgrade my CPU from an i5-6500 to the Ryzen 5 3600, but then I heard rumors of a coming price spike in GDDR6 for current GPUs, so I figured now was as good of a time as any to upgrade from my RX 480. Now, the reason I got one of the most expensive RX 5700 XTs you can get is because I am 1. a huge fan of Sapphire's attention to detail and 2. because I found it on sale for the same price as the non-special edition Nitro. The factory OCed OC is nice and the glowy fans are pretty.

I got the Fractal Meshify as a gift this past holiday season. IMO it's the coolest looking case on the market, and the abundant ventilation should lead to some cool temperatures too.

This is my first time with an ASRock mobo, coming from MSI. It's alright, but I'm definately not being turned into an ASRock fanboy by it.

I ended up buying a new RAM kit for this build, the set I already had was DDR4-2400, a definite bottleneck for Ryzen. That HyperX set was only $80 at Micro Center and it looks pretty cool, fitting the aesthetic geometry of the rest of the build.

The array of SSDs and HDD are just a holdover from life in general. The 250 GB SSD is my boot, and I pulled it out of my old laptop when that died like, 5 years ago. The 1 TB HDD was bought as a storage drive to be combined with that 250 GB SSD in my first build. The 1 TB SSD was a gift from a few years ago and it has since replaced the HDD as my normal storage drive; the HDD still used as a backup.

That's the power supply I've had for a few years. It's still alright, there's no rush to move on from it. I might waste some money on a fully modular one at some point so I can go waste additional money on custom cables.

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Great build!