Mostly used for gaming but other things as well! Website said GPU wouldn't fit in case but I had no problems. I do wish I had gotten a fully modular PSU because I had a few problems managing wires. Also I bought a couple more fans that I need to add to this build. It stays awfully cool on campus but at home it is unfortunately in a bit of a box with no room for exhausting warm air.

Part Reviews


Has a good amount of USB ports as well as enough slots for everything I needed. Making the WiFi adaptor work was a massive pain though, eventually I got it plugged in and I haven't had any problems since. I also do like the Bios interface as well as the software it comes with for updating drivers.

I really like the A-tuning application, which also shows you a diagram of the back of your I/O board, displaying what you have plugged in, which can be very nice when troubleshooting.

Only 2 fan slots I believe, which caused me to have 2 of the fans plugged directly into the power supply so the motherboard cannot control them. I was able to get the fans to alternate speeds though since they had a thermometer attached to them and automatically change speeds.


Didn't see any reviews for this, not sure exactly what to review about it. Easy to slot in, the design isn't anything special but it was cheap. Ended up buying a second one of these after some price drops.


Works just fine for me, computer boots very quickly. Looking back I wish I'd gone with a larger SSD, because this tends to get filled up very quickly.


Love this case, all the parts were a very tight fit which made this tough, being my first build but it worked out! Makes it easy for me to carry the computer around when I go to college or if my friends and I have a game night anywhere.

Pros: -small form factor. -dust filter!!! -looks nice, people always ask what it is, and are surprised that it's a PC.

Cons: -tight fit. -the rubber feet on the bottom have fallen off over time, not a big problem, but I may need to replace them. -my fans sometimes hit the dust filter creating a ticking sound, took me forever to discover what it was.

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  • 59 months ago
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I plan on using the Corsair 250d build

This Card is the same size as the XFX R9 290x I plan on purchasing.. thanks for posting the pic . How did you handle the Pwr connectors that comes from the top of the card?

  • 55 months ago
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Sorry about such a late reply! It was a bit of a squeeze but they were all able to fit. Sorry I can't provide much detail though!