I've been playing PC games nearly my entire life, and just a few years ago I've built my own. Initially I had an i5 3350p, 8GB ram, EVGA 750 Ti, a crappy Raidmax psu, Rosewill Challenger, and just the Hitachi Ultrastar for storage. As you can see I've upgraded pretty much everything besides the ram, which I'm hoping to upgrade soon. I've run into some issue with GTA V where after a bit of playing it will begin to leak memory and eventually crash due to having no ram left, which is part of the reason why I'm planning on getting 16GB eventually. :)

Note that with my temperatures, 50c is the max I see with my CPU, and 75c is the max I see for my GPU. Typically my cpu stays around 45c on load, while the GPU can be anywhere from 55c to 75c.

Part Reviews


I absolutely love the i5 2500k with this Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 motherboard. I don't really strain the OC too much, as it is only 4.1 GHz right now, with about 1.285 vcore. It still performs absolutely amazing in games, and haven't noticed any bottlenecking whatsoever.

CPU Cooler

I really wasn't expecting much from this cooler, coming from a Hyper 212 Evo, but it really has helped out a lot. At first I was a bit concerned because part of the heatsink hadn't even been making contact with my cpu, causing it to be around 70c on load, but taking off the included paste and adding some arctic silver with a remount has fixed it and now my cpu runs cooler on load than it did with the Hyper 212 Evo.


This is a great motherboard with plenty of SATA ports, and enough fan inputs for my tastes. The bios is nice and simple, and very easy to use with the i5 2500k.


This SSD isn't really the fastest out there, but so far I've had it since June 2015 with no issues. My biggest complaint is not being able to monitor its temperature or health.

Video Card

This 970 has been really great honestly. GTA V runs at very high minus some AA and reflections to high, and no advanced settings on either. Most everything else I play I can run at near max settings at 1080p60fps. Ark: Survival Evolved I manage to run with mostly high settings at 1080p and around 50-70 fps, typically staying about 65. Overall this card runs fairly quiet and quite smooth in my games.


This isn't exactly my dream case, but for the price it's actually quite nice. It has plenty of cable management room in the back, and I have no issues getting it closed even with as many cables as I use. My only real complaint is how flimsy the SSD brackets feel, and how short the feet on the bottom of the case are. My PSU needs to breathe!


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Nice pc

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