This was inspired by Cavi's Cube. I basically took Cavi's build and swapped in some parts where it made sense. Aside from swapped parts the only real difference is the radiator was mounted in rear compartment.

I picked this case because there's a good chance this PC will be sitting in a living room for VR demos and eventually HTPC duties. The less it looks like a PC the better.

My goal is to achieve decent VR performance for a year or two. I assume I'll want to upgrade to Pascal/Arctic Islands or crossfire the R9 390 in the near future. These components are my attempt to be just above the recommended VR spec with the ability to upgrade easily.


  • 47 months ago
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hey man nice build, I got the same case and same mobo for a new build and I'm wondering for your SSD and HDD on the bottom panel, do you have them taped down, or how did you mount them there? thanks

  • 46 months ago
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Both drives are mounted to the bottom with the screws and rubber grommets that Fractal includes with the case. The SDD was easy enough but the HDD took a little time to line up with the screw holes.