I needed a new gaming PC after I was dissatisfied with the last build and updated it with new parts. I also plan to use the computer for college use. At first the new build and hard drive gave me some problems but after some configuration I managed to fix around it. No problems with the storage drive as well, plus the graphics card does wonder for 1080p gaming! In conclusion, the PC came out great, no issues at the moment, graphics card runs like a dream, and M.2. SSD makes using Windows 10 great. I currently am playing games such as Overwatch, Metro 2033, and Bioshock Infinite.

Thoughts: I'd like to hear your thoughts on this build, and I'm still debating on getting rid of that top case fan since it looks a bit off, so I like to hear what guys would say.

Part Reviews


I have no plans to overclock the CPU, so this is was the best bet for my needs.

CPU Cooler

I decided to go with air cooling since I was tired of hearing the stock fan making loud noises after month or two. The Cooler was easy to install and the fan included has a nice set of colors in the middle.


The reason I went all-out with the Motherboard was to have a board that supports M.2 SSD. There is also enough room for a Graphics card and a wireless network card I plan to buy at a later point. Lastly, I just loved the color scheme of the Motherboard and would help balance my build from being completely blue.


Does the job well. I had to configure the speeds in the bios, but that was the Motherboard's fault.


Pricey, but worth the speeds and cable management for a compact build . I can't wait for a 1TB version to solve the short storage issue, but 512GB should suffice for now.

Video Card

Not my first choice for a GPU since I always buy Asus graphics cards before, but this one is an exception. The blue led font on the side is an added bonus and it performs quite well for 1080p gaming.


I bought this on a whim since I needed a PC small enough to accommodate my small desk and this was it. I love the window view on the side that lets me see my build at work, however, the only thing I disliked were the back tabs to place an expansion card to feel very cheap. Cable management is great if you plan to get a fully or semi modular PSU.

Power Supply

This is was the best bed for a good PSU without going all out and gold rated.

Operating System

It's great, pricey, but great!

Case Fan

These bad boys do the job well, and managed to set the speeds of the fans to my liking. I plan to upgrade to 4-pin case fans in the near future after hearing about the ML120 Pro fans from a friend.

Case Fan

I just love LED fans, plus I have a preference for Corsair products.


Excellent monitor, does the job well and comes with built-in speakers, though they are not the best.


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this is a very good pc, but cmon no nvidia?????????????

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sorry m9

but im an nvidia fan