I decided to do a budget gaming build under budget. The components were chosen based on user reviews and Tom's Hardware recommendations to provide a few years of good graphics followed by a few years of pixelated trees and blocks for fists. Purchasing items from Amazon with bitcoin through a website called Purse (, I was able to achieve various discounts ranging from 17- 25%. Newegg was cheaper for a few items. Being painfully frugal saved me a few hundred dollars in the end. I highly recommend anyone who can wait a few months to complete the build to take this route.

CPU: Tom's Hardware recommended nothing more expensive than this guy because of diminishing returns.

CPU Cooler: Great user reviews, installation was easy, nearly silent.

Motherboard: I racked my head for a month trying to decide on a motherboard. Thunderbolt or no thunderbolt? How many USB ports? It finally came down to user reviews, this mobo has it all (except thunderbolt because the price/speed is not worth it to me).

Memory: Overkill for me, 8 GB would have sufficed, but meh.

Storage: I went hybrid because the price difference was almost negligible to a comparable HDD. My first upgrade will be M.2 for the OS.

Video Card: I chose a non-overclocked version because it is the exact same as the OC version, just cheaper. Also, I can overclock it later on if need be.

Case: It comes with 2 supply fans and 1 exhaust fan, I bought a 3rd supply fan because heat is bad and positive pressure is good.

PSU: I chose this one for the price and awesome reviews, but mostly because of the platinum rating (heat is bad).

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Quiet and easy to install


Plenty of room to fit everything. The included fans do a great job of keeping components cool.

Power Supply

Extremely quiet, plenty of cables included to install what you need. The 2x4 CPU cable seems to be a little short for my build, it drapes across everything to reach.

Operating System

It takes a while to disable all of the add-on junk that only Microsoft cares about, but after that it is almost good. The app based everything is a little annoying, they force Cortana on you like she matters.

Case Fan

Cool, quiet, ugly.

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:D Agreed

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Bitcoin is a decentralized crypto-currency (your computer is the bank). It is created by "mining", basically a lottery every ~10 minutes where your chances of winning 25 BTC (for now) are increased by having better hardware to run an algorithm. When you send or receive bitcoin, transactions are verified by many computers (nodes) that make sure your "wallet" has enough BTC to not go negative and that the BTC you plan on transferring actually exist. This explanation is very vague, but it should help you understand what it is an how it works.

The website I used,, allows you to buy Amazon products with bitcoin at a discount. And llama socks.

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It is possible, but I'd recommend against a PC. You really need an ASIC miner to mine bitcoin. There are a few "altcoins" that you can mine profitably with a GPU/CPU, but as soon as an ASIC chip comes out for that coin it is pretty much over for PCs. But the answer is technically yes. Coinwarz calculated time to mine a block with a GTX 970 (25 coins): 14994255.77 Day(s). :(