Case - Caselabs SM8, it's big, expensive and worth every penny. Everything has been thought of when they designed this case. Even though computers cannot be future proof, this case will certainly stand the test of time and be a great case for many more builds. I may do a custom cooling loop at some point but I'm happy for now with the low maintenance Kraken X61.

Motherboard - X99 Deluxe, I was very worried about this one because of all the bad reviews it was getting but it was the perfect fit for my build so I chanced it and so far I'm glad I did.

Power supply - 1000W P2, way more power than I need right now but I wanted lots of room to expand and the price was right.

Processor - 5820K, fast, 6 cores, enough lanes for what I'm using it for and a lot cheaper than the other options. Stable 4.5ghz @ 1.35V but it runs a little hot. 4.3ghz @1.25 doesn't break 80.

GPU - GTX 980 SC, at first I was tempted to go 2 way SLI but but came to the realization that I would only be doing it for aesthetics at this point. One of these bad boys is more than enough to handle most things I throw at it. I haven't overclocked it yet and probably wont until I get my monitor.

Memory - DDR 4 Runs at 3000mhz with the XMP profile enabled without issue.

Hard drives - Samsung's for speed and WD's for price

Custom Cables - Joey at Ensourced did an amazing job on these, absolutely flawless if your thinking of getting custom sleeving or extensions then look no further.

This site and the people that post their builds here have been very helpful in the process of completing my build, so a big thanks goes out to all of you! I hope there are enough pictures posted but if you want a closer look at something I'll try my best to upload some more. Just a reminder this is my first build so positive feedback and suggestions are welcome.


  • 60 months ago
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Very nice for a first build! Yes, 'bout time for an upgrade from the old P4. That is quite a leap. Really like custom cables and how the drives are mounted on the backside. Do the mechanical drives cause any rattle mounted that way? Probably OK if they have rubber mounts. I swap out drives frequently and clone them for backup so I use front panel trays for my SSDs. You definitley have a good case for future builds with plenty of usable space left. Great job!

  • 60 months ago
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Thanks appreciate it! Yes, the drives have rubber isolation mounts and so far no problems with rattling or noise.

  • 59 months ago
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I always liked white clean cases :) good choice

  • 58 months ago
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+1. Great color scheme, especially with the custom cables.

But why does the motherboard look like an itx board? Is the case that big?