This is my first build. I use this computer for general gaming, running a Minecraft server, and video editing. Not necessarily all at the same time but I am sure it could if I asked it too. I run a single 42" HDTV as a monitor but I do plan on getting at least one more down the road.

Motherboard. The motherboard was actually the very last item I bought. Backwards, I know, but I figured I would buy all the items I wanted then find the best motherboard to match what I had. I was originally aiming for an extreme 4 but it ended up there were not enough SATA connections for all the HDs I wanted to put in (I had a bunch laying around the house). That is why I bumped it up to the extreme 9 so that I could put in all the HDs I had plus have room to add a couple more in the long run.

CPU. I went with the i7-3770K because I have always been an Intel kind of guy and I wanted the ability to OC without spending "a lot" of money. It also seemed to be the best bang for the buck at the time (DEC2013) and a very popular choice so I knew it could handle some stress. I run the CPU at 4.4Ghz mainly to get the most I can for the MC server since it only runs on a single core at one time.

CPU Cooler. I went with a very simple aftermarket fan cooler for now since I knew I was going to OC but I do plan on getting a liquid cooling system in the future. If you do not plan on upgrading to a liquid system I would recommend the V8 GTS for this build anyway.

RAM. I bought 4 individual Ballistix ram sticks because it was ultimately cheaper than buying the 32gb 4 pack. Like I have mentioned a couple times I run a MC server so this RAM is way overkill for most people. I use 15GB dedicated to the server so is have about 16-ish left for the rest of the comp.

HDs. I have several HDs in the computer. The two that I bought specifically for this setup worked perfectly. I am glad I went with the 256GB SSD because after installing the OS and all the drivers it was around 160GB that was used up. I then had the 3TB HD for all my gaming and what I though would be my backup drive but that doesn't work. In windows you cannot use any drive larger than 2TB for a backup drive even if it is partitioned. I assume they do this so if you do end up needing to get a new MB or try to install the HD in an older comp that doesn't have the new bios you can still use the drive. Google windows 2TB limitations if you don't know what i'm talking about. I also have 3 additional HDs that cover just about everything you could think of. I used two old external HDs that I tore out of the cases and an old laptop HD. With all the HDs together I have a total of 5TB of space.

Video Cards. I originally only had one GTX660 in the build but I figured I would double it just to consider this build "complete." Plus it never hurts to have more graphical capabilities. I would say the two cards working together will not make much difference unless you are running several displays. The exact detail is not "perfect" but considering how many newer cards there are available I think it is an excellent buy for most games to date.

Wireless Card. I have not had any issues with the card. It runs smooth and gives me a strong connection to the router when it is downstairs on the other corner of the house. No complaints.

Case. The case for this setup anyway seems to do quite well. I do wish it had a little more room on the reverse side because it is a very tight fit for all the cables that are hidden. I had to actually place the tower on the floor and press down firmly to get it to lock into place because of the cables. I would have taken a picture of it but it's that much of a pain that I don't want to open it again.

Fans. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the fans that came with the case. I just wanted a little bit more and I wanted them to match. I would probably change out the 200mm if there is another range of rpm because it could move so much more than it does while still being nearly silent. The 120mm I have on the back moves a bunch of air but it is also very loud. I run SpeedFan so that I don't have to deal with adjusting the fans constantly.

Power Supply. Not much to say about the power supply other than it works. I have had no issues whatsoever running everything in the system. The estimated wattage for the build is around 500W if I remember correctly and I have a couple other things plugged in (HDs, headphones, mouse, keyboard) that aren't on the list. Granted those things probably don't pull too much extra wattage but its nice to know it will handle more. I really like the semi-modular setup because it keeps the unnecessary cables out of the case.

Optical Drive. Once again not much to say about this other than it works. I haven't checked the Blu-Ray abilities yet though. I figured it was a good all around buy for capabilities/price.

Operating System. I chose the Windows 7 ultimate for several reasons. One, Its windows. Two, its not windows 8. Three, ultimate is the top of the line. To be honest I thought it was the only windows 7 release that could handle anything above 16GB RAM. That is not the case to be clear, Windows 7 Professional (x64) and above can handle 192GB so I did go a little overkill on the OS.

Speakers. Yet another item that has not given me any problems yet. I usually don't have much need for speakers because my setup is in the living room and there is almost always someone watching TV. If there isn't anyone watching TV then they are all asleep so there is no loudness going on anyways. No complaints.

UPS. I work daily on mechanical/electrical items and I know stuff breaks when it wants to. So that is why I have an UPS for my system. I run a MC server so I cannot risk losing progress because of a power outage. I believe I have just the right setup to handle my system considering it is a 700W power supply, an 800W UPS should be perfect to keep the tower and the TV alive long enough to shut everything down properly. I have not tested that theory yet but with my limited knowledge of electrical calculations is should be fine.

Wrist Strap. I figured a $5 is worth the possibility of frying components. Especially since I live in the perfect environment for static electricity (carpet, no humidity, cold (Alaska in December))

One last thing, I bought all my items from just to make things simpler because I live in Alaska so I figured paying a little more for each item would ultimately save on shipping costs since buying a $5 wrist strap was $25 shipping from another website and only like $2 if I added it to the order I already had, it made more sense for me. I have no idea if the way I wrote that makes sense but I know what I mean and that is all that matters.

That is pretty much everything I can think of. If anyone has questions feel free to ask. Since I have the comp built now I will probably only check this about once a month at best, so please don't get upset if I don't reply right away.

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  • 70 months ago
  • 1 point

I question the Xion PSU...It's just one of those brands that no one trusts...

I hope upgrade it to something like an EVGA/seasonic/corsair RM/coolermaster V700 in the future...

  • 69 months ago
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I have noticed some weak points with it. On start up it kind of shutters/pauses but it will kick on, and I rarely restart so it doesn't bother me much. I have also noticed that if I am wearing head phones as I move the mouse around I can hear a very light "pulsing" as the pointer hovers over things, or as I scroll up and down. I didn't notice it before I added the second GTX 660 so I may just be perfectly on that boarder line of supply and demand. I have the UPS on the system too and it has only kicked on once since I bought this setup and it was when we had a very minor power bump which shows the supply is very finicky. Overall it has worked for me but if/when it does go out then I will replace it with a more trusted brand. Thank you for the suggestion!

  • 68 months ago
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no, that's not the case.

Xion PSUs have been known to fail and take your stuff a long with it. A proper PSU would not cause those issues.

It is best to replace it ASAP before it does become a problem and takes things with it.