This is not my build, but a project I assisted in choosing parts for.

I have a friend with an OEM. He asked me for a simple storage solution for an expanding game library. After around an hour of ranting about storage options, hybrid drives, external HDD's, RAID configurations, etc. I brought up a potential build using a Metallic Gear Mini ITX Tower. Upon seeing the Glass version of the case, he was immediately drawn to it.

I am located in the US and he is located in the UK, so I went about looking at the UK market for PC parts for a potential case swap. Unfortunately, the G20 uses a proprietary Z170 Motherboard, SODIMM RAM, and a proprietary dual PSU setup.

The 6700K, 960 Evo, and 1080 FE were taken from the G20.

The new Motherboard and Power Supply were purchased second-hand from Ebay. The case, AIO, fans, and Crucial SSD were purchased new. The Motherboard had a spare RBG header, so a small LED strip was placed under the GPU.

Windows was reinstalled, and some conflicting drivers caused some minor issues with Network connectivity, but was fixed with a re-instillation of the ASUS drivers.

The G20 Case, RAM, Motherboard and Power Supplies have been sold locally in the UK and an upgrade to a 7700K will be made shortly.

After selling the other parts, the total cost of upgrade stands to be around 20 pounds. Not sure of the conversion rate to USD.


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