This is my first computer build. It was good fun putting it together and seeing it work on the first boot up!

I am an engineering student, and needed a system that could easily cope with CAD applications, a bit of light gaming and light video editing. My laptop wouldn't even run the CAD software, so it was time for a large upgrade.


CPU: 8 cores, which will speed up CAD hugely. And it is more than capable of handling any games that I play.

CPU Cooler: Great reviews everywhere I looked, not too expensive and relatively easy to install.

Motherboard: Great solid/durable motherboard with an awesome 5 year warranty! Looks great in my opinion. The only problem that I had with it is that the RAM would default to 1333MHz, after pressing the memOK button and manually changing the RAM frequency to 1866, it still wouldnt use this setting upon restart. So I went into the DOCP section of the Asus UEFI (under the AI tweaker) and changed the frequency to the 1866MHz profile. Re-booted and the problem was solved. Iv'e seen this problem on various forums with this motherboard and corsair RAM. You would have thought that for a £120 motherboard, it would default to 1866. But don't let this put you off this combo, it's firing on all cylinders now!

RAM: I went with low profile vengeance on the basis that I may increase the RAM in the future, depending on whether I actually need to or not, and didn't want miss-matched RAM, and at the moment the CPU cooler blocks the 4th slot, so high profile wouldn't fit. (I could change which side the fan is on, but I prefer the aesthetics of it being on the front). I am also still unsure on which slots to use, so if anyone knows.. let me know!

Storage: I went for an SSD for OS, CAD programs and games, and a hard drive for all my other data etc. Both parts had good reviews. I may need to get an additional hard drive as I create videos of me playing guitar, and 1TB will soon fill up. But I should be fine for the moment.

Video Card: I went for a card that will perform well on the gaming side of things. I know there are better cards for CAD and video editing, but this card should still take care of those with ease. The matte black PCB looks great, and the twin frozr cooling performs well.

Case: I didn't want anything too 'in your face', but the window in the case was worth the slight increase in price compared to the normal model because I think the interior looks great. The Define R4 is a gorgeous case, and I still cant get over how quiet it is!

PSU: Nothing too special about the corsair 500w psu, it's semi-modular and 80+ bronze certified, so it should do the job nicely.

Optical drive: That one thing that almost everyone has, but only uses to install windows and occasionally drivers, so I didn't see the point in splashing out on a Blu-ray player.

OS: Windows 7 was a clear choice for me as I am not a fan of 8. On special offer on amazon for £49.95, so I grabbed it while I could!

Monitor: My monitor was the first thing to arrive, so I plugged my laptop straight in and was truly amazed at the colour reproduction. It is an IPS display, and although it doesn't have the fast response time of a TN panel, I would rather have more accurate colours. It looks great, the bezel is thin, and the glass screen doesn't reflect as much as I thought it would.

Peripherals: I have a Razer Death Adder, Steelseries mouse mat. With a Steelseries 6GV2 mechanical keyboard on the way.

All in all, I am extremely pleased with this build. There may have been some better parts choices out there, so maybe my next build could have be a better system for the money.

Temperatures and benchmarks coming soon!


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Unplug that molex adapter and use the one on the PSU itself!

  • 68 months ago
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Okay, thanks for the help. Being a novice, I was sure I would do something wrong! I'll update the pictures when I get a chance to.

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Ok, not sure if this is true but I heard that Nvidia cards do better than AMD cards at CAD!

  • 65 months ago
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How do you like the Twin Frozr card? I heavily considered that before I found a deal for my Asus R9 270.