The Core i5-2500K Processor Not sure what I can say about this CPU that hasn't already been said. It's a beast in terms of price vs. performance and with the wonderfully painless ability to overclock this thing, it's one of the best CPUs you can get, in my opinion.

The Corsair H60 CPU Cooler This was a rather late addition to my build as I was really getting into how my case looked from the inside. Now, most people would think this is silly (even more silly because I don't have a windowed case), but when I'm messing around in the case, or when any of my buddies would like to see, I like keeping it nice and clean. Also helps with cable management and keeping the case cool!

Anyways, so the H60 is great. I got it for about $20 than usual so that was a plus. I wasn't too happy though, when I had to RMA it 3 times before I got one without that god awful pump noise. Works wonderfully though, especially with my Corsair SP fans that are much quieter and better than the one that came with it. With the CPU fan running at about 50%, temps are still great.

G. SKILL RAM Something else I carried over from my previous build. They went well with my colour scheme, so I opted to keep them instead of getting new ones. I also decided to go with another set because the motherboard looks a lot cooler when all the RAM slots are filled up :)

ASRock Z77 Pro3 Probably my least favourite part of my build...I should've done more research before I bought this and get the Extreme series board instead. The Pro boards are not as friendly for overclocking as the Extreme boards. The quality of the boards aren't as good either. Oh well. Still works great though! One issue is the SATA ports position on the board. They're to the right of the first PCI slot which forces the SATA cables to pushed down by a lengthy GPU. Not a dealbreaker, but is sure messes up the aesthetics of the case.

ASUS GTX 670 DC-2 TOP The best 670 you can get IMO. Sure, the new Zotac is pretty beastly, but the ASUS is quiet and cool which in my book, put's it ahead of the Zotac AMP3. Runs everything buttery smooth. I'll post some benchmarks in a bit.

Corsair 300R Probably my favourite thing about this build. I love the look of this case. It's got great cable management and ample room for fans and or cables. Love it. Even more than my 670 surprisingly.


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Looks great. I'm looking to build somthing just like it for my first build. I have already bought the 300R. I will be slowly getting parts for this over the next few months. My build looks like this right now, but may change as i do more research.

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Very nice cable management.

P.S.: I am looking through old builds because I am bored.