• Advice/criticism/questions/etc are welcome!

Goal: Small gaming PC.

Reason: Previous build was a mid-tower which took up a lot of space and had a lot of stuff that I didn't need (such as numerous drive bays, large motherboard, many expansion slots, etc). I wanted something compact, and I only need one SSD and one video card. No optical drive or additional expansion cards.



  • CPU reached max 53 C with Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool.
  • Video card reached max 73 C with FurMark.
  • (Are there better ways to test CPU/GPU max temperatures?)
  • During intense gaming, CPU 45-52 C, GPU 71 C, SSD reached 47 C, and hottest motherboard sensor showed 55 C.
  • Used HWMonitor to read temperatures.

CPU cooling:

  • Went with AIO liquid cooler because: lack of space for good air cooler and not ready to build custom liquid cooling.
  • Only using 1 fan as exhaust pushing through radiator and front panel. Can't fit both of the fans that come with H80i GT because the radiator is very thick.
  • Originally planned to try various configurations and to add a slim 15 mm fan, but the temperatures are good enough to not go through that hassle.
  • The hoses are quite thick and wouldn't really fit with a regular ATX power supply + full-size video card.
  • The Gelid thermal compound was soft and easy to apply.


  • The case has a removable piece at the front-top position inside the case (supports 1 3.5" or 2 2.5" drives).
  • The case also has a mount on the bottom, under the video card & radiator; this spot was difficult with the PSU's SATA power cable (connector too thick).
  • SSD is currently located on the top 2.5" mount that is located above the video card.
  • Temperature reaches 47 C during heavy gaming. Samsung's website has an upper limit operating temperature of 70 C.
  • Might try relocating to the adjacent mount which would be over the radiator (that space is currently stuffed with extra length of some power cables).

Video card:

  • Fits fine; had to remove front panel and install from there.
  • I was worried about hot air blowing into the case but it seems to be safe.


  • Removed the front air filter since my fan is exhaust at that location, and it would only create more resistance.

Power supply:

  • Debated between the Silverstone SX500-LG and Corsair SF600. Went with the Corsair SF600 because:
    1. PCIe cable: Corsair 400mm one connector VS Silverstone 550mm two connectors
    1. SATA cable: Corsair total 445mm with multiple connectors, cut down to only first connector at 100mm VS Silverstone total 600mm with multiple connectors, first connector at 300mm.
  • Corsair's PSU doesn't come with an ATX bracket, so I purchased a Silverstone SFX to ATX bracket which lets you place the PSU at the top/bottom of the PSU space instead of in the middle which is what Corsair's bracket does.
  • Oriented to intake air from outside of case instead of from inside.
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  • 45 months ago
  • 2 points

Hi, have you had any issues with the Motherboard? I've seen a lot of reviews complaining about the RAM slots and RAM incompatibility.

I have an old GA-Z77N-WIFI and I just recently ran into some trouble with my RAM slots as well, so this has me worried that I will run into similar troubles when building a Skylake rig or maybe down the road.


+1 for cramping in liquid cooling in such a tiny box

  • 45 months ago
  • 2 points

Hi, I haven't had any issues with the motherboard, or with any part of the system. I can run a tool to do a thorough test of the memory, if you'd like.

It's possible that your issues are just a result of aging hardware, but it's hard to say for sure. My previous build (about 2 years old now) uses a Gigabyte Z97 motherboard and it also has zero problems.

There are other builds on this site with same case & same liquid cooler. They inspired me :-)

Thanks for your comment!

  • 45 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks for confirming the EVGA 1070 fit in this case. I just got mine installed! Fitting the 3.5 inch drive where your ssd is was a PAIN! So cramped, but so cool!

  • 41 months ago
  • 1 point

Is it possible to add HDD 3.5inch above the radiator?