This is my first build intended for gaming and my only goal was getting the parts together by Christmas. This is why I bought an i5 and not an i7, and why I chose the power supply over any other. They simply saved me a few bucks. I plan on sleeving the ugly cables, re-managing the cables, installing L.E.D.'s, and upgrading to a 144 hz monitor in the next month. And maybe down the road I will grab a better power supply that matches my build. I wanted to try and use the air duct provided by the Haf X with a Noctua fan in it to see if it is actually effective... So I'm sorry if you don't like the look of it. I know the h100i should be used as an intake but I wanted to see how the temps would be in an exhaust placement so I could keep my 200mm top rear fan. I'm only a noob so please be gentle. If I made any mistakes please help guide me into the right direction :)

My gpu running far cry 3 at high settings is around 70 degrees. Battlefield 3 online usually runs around 60 degrees with high settings.

And I don't own a professional camera so my iPhone 5 is doing its best. Updates to come.


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I think you did a fine job. Well done.