Going to keep this short since I have to retype this. I mainly use this build for gaming/personal use. I didn't really know about builds nor what suited me the best so I did some research then proceeded to browse the completed builds section. While browsing I came across this build that really caught my attention. I liked how it looked overall, being that black and white are one of my favorite colors I pulled the trigger on this build ( ). I proceeded to message Bronxx ( the creator of the build) and asked him for some advice/help on what I should go with. Shout out to him for being a complete bad-*** and helping me out, seriously man appreciate your advice/help.

Now lets talk about the pc itself.

I really enjoy this PC a lot. I'm really satisfied with the outcome of it. I haven't had any issues at all with any of my parts. Everything runs smoothly in game and out. For the monitor I decided to go with a 144hz since a 244 is a bit expensive and don't really need it as well i'm satisfied with a 144hz. I'm sure this pc can pull more than 144 frames for sure. Thermal take isn't really necessary for this build due to the face that it already comes included with the H150i Pro Cooler. I went ahead and bought one either way just in case. Also for the desk I didn't know what to go with. I went from store to store and couldn't find anything good enough. I finally went to Staples and saw this one desk wasn't a fan of the little counter it had at the top so I didn't included it on my setup but overall its a great desk in my opinion, it has a lot of desk space! I really enjoy everything about this setup, if you guys have any questions feel free to let me know! Cheers!

Forgot to mention. I don't usually rock my tower on top I just did it for the picture. But honestly it doesn't really bother me at all. What do you guys think? Should I rock it on top or just have it at the bottom? Doesn't really make that much noise by the way. Also sorry for **** pictures I know they're not the best but it is what it is. Cheers again!

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  • 5 months ago
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Looks sick man! The entire set up ties together so nicely. Glad I could help, you nailed it

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