This build was gifted to my Dad on Xmas. We haven't start till last 2 weeks ago after we got the burners, OS, and HDD. This machine is used for Video Converting and Video editing (part of his job). He does that alot for years on a slow dual core HP desktop that took him over 5 hours just to work on 1 1080p video. So now he has 8 cores and is able to do them video about 20-10 minutes. He went wild after he saw how fast it proceeded. Lost his mind he kept going to his room and stared at it for while LOL. He doesn't need a high end card to do the work. Instead I got him this good graphic card that does bluray and 3D as well. 8gb of memory is sure is enuff for him. He doesnt do much like I do. the video work only took 4.9gb worth of memory so he's fine.

the overall price is way less than the price shown below. I would say around 350 dollars I paid. I know you guys will be going nut about 8350 could never be that cheap. I actually got it for free from Newegg. Long story short, I brought one 8350 but it was stolen by UPS (they did, believe it), so I reported. Sent me another one but realized I got 2x 8350. AMAZING, right???

FX-8350 - Free

RedBone case - $20

G.Skill 8gb - $25

Biostar board - $65

Video card - $50

PSU - from my old first build

2x DVD burner w/ Lightscribe - $50

VelociRaptor 150gb - $30

Secondary used as media storage - from HP

Windows 8 - $15

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  • 86 months ago
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O.o free 8350. On the other hand, get a nice sized ssd, he will love you even more. As with all amd hsfs, get a aftermarket cooler like the hyper 212 plus or evo. You will not regret this decision. Clean up the cables too. You might get some hate for that biostar mobo even though my personal philosophies tell me to like anything that works. Overall, I like it.

  • 86 months ago
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I got the 212+ for my Phenom II X4 and it isn't even sufficient cooling. It might just be my CPU as it is overclocked but nonetheless it still runs hot with the 212+

  • 86 months ago
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best son ever lol :)

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