I use this primarily for gaming but also for school work, I haven't had any problems building this PC. Overall i think it was a great investment. (Besides the 960 SLI ;_; ). The 760T case was also very good, until I wanted to put a custom loop in. Very tight fit as you can see in the picture. Alot of the items I purchased were part of my 1st build i.e. 8GB RAM, MOBO, 1x 960, Crucial SSD, Seagate HDD, a cheap DIYPC case, 5 Corsair 120 red LED fans, H100i GTX 240mm cooler, Windows 7, I had both monitors before, PSU, also the peripherals as well. On the left I also have a 42 inch 1080p Samsung smart TV and a Thrustmaster T300RS with the T3-PA Pro pedals, TH8A shifter and a Wheel stand pro stand. Plus a dope recliner.


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