Finally finished my Rig build for 6 months. Shoot out to reddit/bapcsalescanada to help me find out the deals, and to ebay newegg where I bought the majortiy parts from. All the prices are excluded tax, so 3271.28 is the total I paid.

Part Reviews


Bought in June 2018 during newegg ebay 20% summer sale. Still haven't seen it dropping near the price after that.

CPU Cooler

Bought on Boxing day 2018 in Canada Computers. Maybe the only part I regretted to perchase. Should get a Corsair H100 Pro with ~$40 more but got obsessed by Aura Sync. Pros: 1. Cheapest AIO you can get 2. Aura Sync applicable. Cons: Noisy under load


Bought in June 2018 during ebay 20% summer sale. Too many fancy stuff that half of the features haven't been put in fully use.


Bought after Black Friday from Amazon. Negotiate against the Amazon CSRs 10 times and finally they shipped them to me. Not the greatest 3000 Rams compared to Rigsaws or Corsairs but definitely worth the money I spend.


Bought before Black Friday during newegg ebay 15% BF sale. It's astonishing how fast SSD price drops, I bought the Samsung 850 evo 500gb at 179.99 on 2016 BF...Rumors saying the price will keep dropping in 2019.

Video Card

Bought after Black Friday during newegg ebay 10% winter sale in early December. I was out of patience atm, trying to finish the build asap. The price wasn't too bad, but comparing it to O8G at $999 during boxing day, I'm slamming my hands a little bit.


Bought on this wednesday. My initial purchase was a Coolermaster masterbox RGB 5 at 99.99 from Amazon, then found out that case doesn't support AIO very well. I spent a day to figure out how to install the radiator but finally I gave up upon it. The next day I asked for a refund, and was looking for a new case then this one poped up. It was recommended by a lot of websites as the best case in 2017 so I decided to pull the trigger. Everything is great, but unfortunately it doesn't support RGB. But overall it's an amazing case.

Power Supply

Bought after Boxing day during newegg ebay 15% BD sale. The Evga 750G3 was so hard to get from Canada Computer, and the other deals were such a so-so. I was almost losing hope till ebay finally gave out the last christmas gift.


Bought before Black Friday during newegg ebay 15% BF sale. Having put my eyes on this monitor for so long but its price never dropped under $800 until then. I planing to get the Alienware aw3418hw at around $1k, was so thrilled at the sale and ordered imediately but the next day it dropped even lower at 689... The price went to $740 during Boxing day in Canada Computer, and you could get a free copy of COD14 too.


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ooga booga

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Why’d you rate the gfx card 3 stars?

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2080 is a good graphic card by any means, but from a cost effective side, if you can find a decent deal of 1080ti at around $700 that will beat this. Besides, I could have got the O8G version at $999 if I'm more patient to wait to boxing day with a game.