This is my first gaming/media/streaming/video editing PC since high school. Just coming back to the PC scene after been away for a while and been out of the loop of building. Great system for what I use it for.

Part Reviews


By far one of the best CPUs on the market right now for gaming, work station. There isn't a point into buying Kaby Lake at all right now. I'd stick with this.


This is by far one of Asus's best motherboard's from the Skylake series it's a step down from it's previous flagship motherboard the Asus Z170-Deluxe it's basically the same board just 1/4 less bells and whistles of the Deluxe.


I bought this ram on a flash sale and it normally goes on sale for a fair price. it's very good you can overclock it a bit.


This bad boy I picked up around blackfriday 2015 and it was really cheap. paid on $80 for it was a great deal at my local best buy. The load times on Windows 10 is leaps and bounds over any other drive I have used in the past.


Great budget HDD for $50 you can't go wrong with a HDD from WD as well the speeds.


Great budget case from Fractal by far one of my favorites.

Power Supply

Great PSU and would buy another one for a future build.

Optical Drive

It's a DVD drive what do you expect.


I bought this monitor when it was on sale around Blackfriday 2015, and it has done me well since then. It was cheap and it gets the job done. It's basic.


This is one of my first mechanical keyboards since coming back to PC gaming, it's very well built the Romer-G key switches feel great compared to blue keys.


A very good mouse and it's better than any other mouse I have used in the past.


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