Belated Summer update...:

Added Second GTX 980 for SLI.

05/09/2015 Update:

I've upgraded to the MSI GTX 980 4G, a 50" Vizio P-Series 4K TV, and added another SSD. The GPU is currently running at 1501 Mhz with room to spare. This thing runs ice cold. I'm very pleased with the Vizio UHD TV as a living room monitor. It has a very low input latency and is a great value alternative to a gaming monitor. If you do shop around for one of these, make sure you get the P502ui-B1 and not the P502ui-B1E if you want true 1080p @ 120hz gaming. The E model has 120 refresh, but doesn't have true 120hz input.

2/18/2015 Post:

My return to PC gaming after many years away. Please note that the initial build took place on 2014.07.01 when looking at the prices. I'm just now getting around to posting the build because in my mind it wasn't finished until around December, and I also wanted to report my OC'ing results, but still haven't had the time or need to spend stepping and stressing... blasphemy I know. Since July I had increased the RAM, added the HDD, got my mouse (retired my 11 year old Razor Diamondback after millions of faithful clicks), keyboard, and headset. I had to save the dough for a few months, and note that this was my first solo build. I wish I hadn't bought the GTX 780 at the end of the silicon cycle, but that's just the way it goes. I plan on possibly buying a 980 in the next few weeks, then I will move the 780 over to a new budget Steam box build for the family. Also, the 1000 watt PSU may seem like total overkill, but my original intention was to SLI the 780 and I wanted to have plenty of headroom in case future video cards kept sucking more and more power. If I upgrade the GPU and get around to properly overclocking, I'll update the post with the temps and benchmark results.

It is called Minos.

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