Wanted to build a gaming PC as next/current generation console's technology didn't impress me. Started building late last year and gamed for a couple of months before my Reference AMD R9 290 did not work anymore and sent for an RMA. After a 4 month wait for Sapphire, I got a refund from the person I bought it from.

After deciding long and hard on which new graphics card to get, I was stuck between the GTX 970 and the R9 390. In the end, I chose the R9 390 since I was able to get a good deal for it and it was slightly quicker, had 8GB VRAM, and was arguably more futureproof and ready for 2K/4K.

CPU - Intel Core i5 4670K - 4690K was out of stock so had to get this. Runs beautifully. In games temps are about 60-75 degrees celcius. Dont know if that is bad or good.

CPU Cooler - Deepcool ICE EDGE MINI - Had some store credit at the local computer shop so I decided to get this for $20 NZD. Only slight;y better than the stock Intel cooler.

MOBO - Asrock Z97 Anniversary ATX - very good z97 chipset for the price. Does everything I want to. Not confident on overclocking though.

RAM- G.Skill Ripjaws 1600mHz 2x4GB Red - Got it cheap at black friday. PSU- FSP Raider 650W - not the best PSU and I should have spent a but more money and gotten a better quality one but oh well.

HDD - Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 1TB - Good hard drive. Had some problems with it and thought about throwing it out but somehow managed to fix it.

Case - Zalman Z3 Plus White - Beautiful, cheap case with good airflow. Only think bad about it is should be more space for cable routing and the side panels are a little flimsy and hard to get on/ Also, the top panel and front panel are a pain the the arse to get off.

GPU- Asus Direct CUII R9 390 - Very beautiful card with massive heatpipes and a very sexy backplate. Runs every game I throw at it. Not sure if performance is up to par with other R9 390s though. Currently using 15.15 drivers which in my experience have slightly better performance than the new 15.7 drivers.

Temps - Games - 100% around 64 degrees with 33% fan speed - very quiet

Furmark - Ultra, Extreme burn in - 100% - 70 degrees is the hottest I got before quitting. Dont think Furmark is an accurate representation of temperatures during normal gaming.

Benchmarks. GRID 2 - 1080p, Ultra preset 8fx16x EQAA - 105 FPS in benchmark.

Night race 1080p Ultra 8fx16xEQAA - 134 FPS

Ultra preset 8xMSAA - around 170 FPS during night race.

Hitman Aboslution - 1080p, Ultra 2x MSAA - Around 70 FPS

1080p Ultra 8xMSAA - 59-60FPS

EDIT;; Battlefield 3 Ultra Preset 1080p with 90 FOV ( normally set at 70) around 110-120fps

Racedriver GRID ( 1st one) 1080p Ultra/Max settings - around 190 FPS

Unigine Heaven - 1080p, Ultra Preset, 8x MSAA, Extreme Tessellation - 54-56 FPS

Furmark - 1080p Preset -4303 Points - Avg 71 FPS

3DMark 11 - P12564 Graphics score-17068 Physics score -6955 Combined score - 7102

Will be benchmarking other games soon like Tomb Raider, Battlefield 3, Sleeping Dogs. Am i getting good performance or too low for an R9 390?

Any comments appreciated.

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  • 54 months ago
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Why does the laptop look like its hovering in the air? Is this a thing or am I just not seeing what it is sitting on....

  • 54 months ago
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I think Its just the angle I took it at. The laptop is behind the keyboard and the table is glass so. ... Optical Illusion...

  • 54 months ago
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I hope so others wise we would have to BURN THE WITCH!

  • 54 months ago
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haha funny mr easter bunny

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  • 54 months ago
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You could also google for a screenshot program, such as gyazo

  • 54 months ago
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Thanks for the comments guys, will do this next time.