Built with a mixture of purchases from r/hardwareswap, Amazon, and Ebay

CPU: Ryzen 7 2700X - Cheap, came with a good cooler, boosts well.

MoBo: No addressable Header, works as expected, but can use debug LEDs that almost all boards have now

RAM: Defiantly overpaid, but RGB

GPU: The 5700XT is a great performer, but is unfortunately held back by drivers.

PSU & CASE: Was a bundle from a user on reddit, all came safely!

Both Monitors are Basically ACER, has freesync flicker occasionally though, will see in the future if a higher quality DisplayPort Cable will solve this issue. Some may say that 27in 1080p has too low of a PPI, with my eyesight and the distance my monitor is at, its comfortable to me.

FANS: The Arctic 5 pack is definitely a good buy, quiet static pressure fans, that are able to be daisy-chained so that all fans are run at the same speed

SPEAKERS & HEADSET: For 20 bucks the Z313 sounds good to me, comes with a sub-woofer as well for BASS Arctis 7 is a good buy as well over the G935. Although the G935 is better sounding out of the box, using PEACE APO EQ, The Arctis 7 sounds much better, and built a lot better. The ski headband is more comfortable, the design is more slim, the G935 is too heavy and bulky, and to top it off the mic on the Arctis 7 is much better.

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