This build is my buddy's first one and i was with him from the first moment to help him pick the great perf/price ratio parts. He ordered some online and some in local stores. He mainly uses his brand new rig for workstation (i.e using adobe products) and secondarily for gaming at 1080p high/ultra 60fps. i have registered the parts which were ordered online with a cost higher than it's actual pricing because we're in iraq and we have to pay extra fees for delivery. we're 90% pleased with it cuz when the ram is set to a frequency that requires 1.35v the system doesn't post. part of it is our fault cuz we chose ram which is not listed as mobo's qvl ram list and the other part is the mobo's problem, most probably an issue with BIOS firmware so i'm hopeful that the prob disappears in future bios releases. Tested the following games and the fps was 99% stable at 60 and higher: GTA San Andreas (way above 60fps in fact) PES 2018 Tekken 7 (fps drops to 30 only in 4K scenes)

Part Reviews


The best of 2nd gen Ryzen CPUs! Extremely Lovable. Can beat r5 3600 and r5 3600x in workstation but not gaming. anyways, for 1080p max settings still perfect <3


can't use the ram with higher frequencies when 1.35v becomes a requirement. it's a big deal :( cuz if i knew that the ram sticks will only work at max 2666Hz then i could've gotten two other ram sticks for $70 less or even more less than that -_- the only thing am hoping for is a future uefi update with a fix to that problem included. Edit: the hard drive disappears after sleep or sometimes doesn't show up when starting up the windows. happens to be driver issue, most likely a chipset issue so AMD is to be blamed :|


Da best of gen3 m.2 SSDs.. competes with cacheless gen4 SSDs while lasting longer since this baby is based on mlc cells.


Really quiet and operates pretty fast when compared to lower rpm HDDs. there's a newer version that i recommend others get because this doesn't perform as good as that one according benches from

Video Card

EVGA buyers never regret their decision :) super super Great performance for 1080p max settings. get this now cuz in terms of quality this player is better than others.

Power Supply

people don't trust Rosewill but i did.. and i do not regret it at all. semi-mod 80+ Gold 500W is an awesome "bundle". Recommended by me :D

Operating System

yeah it's windows.. haven't payed for this so... i hope that it will not be unstable :| of course having this is so meaningful in place of mac OS :)

Wireless Network Adapter

internal antenna meh :v USB 2 meh :v get one with antenna(s) or go with usb 3 devices. pcie ones with heat spreaders work cool too. It works, doesn't lose connectivity randomly for no reason. it would get 5 stars if we were in 2009 but for now.. there are better options.


dealing with this monitor is pretty complicated since an application is needed for full tuning. getting it to 75Hz is a mystery for beginners that can't easily be revealed. it comes with freesync technology but that's not needed unless the refresh rate is higher than 75Hz. HDR is a big plus :D in conclusion, i recommend this.


i hope that it lasts long. pretty comfortable.

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  • 20 days ago
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Nice build! I got the same MB and im running my ddr4-3200 at 3400mhz with 1.35v on stock settings of AMP2

  • 19 days ago
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thanks. next time i visit my buddy we'll try to work it out hopefully :)