Wife wanted something to play games and I needed more time on my PC for both for work and play so I said I'll throw something together for her and she only requested that I did it sooner than later... that, and that it was purple... I wasn't too keen on the idea of having a purple machine sitting in my office. So we compromised on purple lighting and from there I let her pick out a case. From there this build just kind of happened.

I'm happy with it, she's happy with it, we're happy with it - still need to give it a little but of time under load, but so far it's running like a champ.... and did I mention she really likes the purple?

This was also my first complete solo build in several years so it was fun to get back at it and how much the market has changed over the years. I'm already planning upgrades to my current machine and planning a Home Server build in the near future.

Feed back is welcomed as I'm sure I'll use it to help future builds. I've got to get my next one done within the next 90 days before I head off to Korea for a year.

Note: the machine isn't going to stay on the floor. I'm currently building a riser for it for better airflow and maybe small underneath storage


  • 50 months ago
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Nice PC build man, the purple lighting looks really good! I'm helping my friend build his PC, and he is also obsessed with purple XD

Anyway, what LED's did you use to light the case? if you have a link it would be great!


  • 47 months ago
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Sorry I haven't been on in a while so I didn't see this comment till just now - but I used Cold Cathods. There are many ways of getting them, but I got them here.