First hard tubed build.

- Crazy fast and great looking (15101 Time Spy)... 9900K @ 5.1 on all cores. 2080 TI @ +150... Temps 60 or below under 2 hours constant gaming load. - Using EKWB Blood Red Cryo for almost a year now with no issues.

- Tight case for the 280, 360, and EKWB reservoir. Had to flip and offset the upper rad (280) to be able to actually connect tubes (the inlet/outlet interfere with the motherboard if mounted on the left. Interfere with the 360 if mounted on the right.
- Not 100% happy with the GPU mounting. Side mount is beautiful... but creates tube routing issues from pump that don't look quite right... and not a huge fan of the PCI extension cable. Using the thermaltake ribbon... but... eh... - Recurring issue with putting the ASUS Dual OC 2080 TI on water... The card comes with a "fan-check" that will put the card into "safe-mode" if the fans are not detected during certain power up scenarios. The only way to clear is to hook up the stock cooler and reboot. Currently running it with an EVGA Hydrocopper VBIOS. That shouldn't have the fan check in it... if it does go into safe mode again I am going to have to leave it on air or sell and get a different GPU (sad). - The RGB is a little bit much and I shouldn't have bothered. I use minimum RGB and between the fans (6), the EKWB GPU Block, the EKWB CPU Block, the EKWB Resevoir, the G.SKILL RAM, and the Motherboard... Its a lot of wires to route and manage. I think if I added another wire the back wire-guard would pop.

A year later and I am starting to plan my next build... Do I part this one out or build a Threadripper 3 monster? Maybe wait until the RTX 3XXX series? I would go hard tubes again... but stick with clear fluid until I was sure the build was static (colored fluid leaves colored splashes... on the PC components and the carpet... )

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  • 3 months ago
  • 2 points

Looks great kind of a "fire and ice" theme thing, why would you want to upgrade? lol +1

  • 3 months ago
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I wish I could buy that from you but I only got 1300 saved up

  • 3 months ago
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More pics!