Background Information

I wanted a new PC and I wanted it to run well and be affordable, my budget was around $760 . I didn't want red, blue or green when building my PC so I decided on Orange and black. Everything except my motherboard was bought from Newegg. Another thing I ran into was Shoprunner which provides free 2 day shipping on many parts. It was really neat because they were/are having a promotion in which you get 1 year of free membership if you spend 400$ or more on qualifying newegg products. Overall I am greatly satisfied with my computer and I really love how fast it runs for only 750$. This was definitely a large upgrade from my All-in-One desktop to my first Gaming PC that I built.

Things that I did when building my computer

~I highly recommend wearing an anti-static wristband when working with computers because you don't want to some how mess up any parts before you actually put them to use.

~I should have was read all the manuals that came with the computer and all the parts. (Since I had some computer background from classes, I managed to build it pretty easily without the manuals).

~Also when I was putting on the CPU fan, I didn't realize it has Thermal paste on the bottom so most of it went onto my fingers (If you have and Intel Chip, the fan it comes with has Thermal paste on it already). Since I accidentally wiped most of it off with my hand, I applied new Thermal paste to the CPU (My brothers computer came with extra Thermal paste so I used that). Unfortunately for me, I didn't know how much to put on so I put wayyy more than I needed to. That led to some problems that I faced when starting up my computer.

~The LED lights that I bought from wish worked really well but the sticky of it was not meant to be put and curved around a computer case, so I had to put super glue on it to make it stay in place, it looks really good though.

~Some wires got confusing in the build (mostly the Power, restart, HDD , and LED + and - cables). But after a brief look at the manual, it told me where to put them and what the pins did.

~After I got done building, I tested it and tried to turn it on. This is where too much Thermal paste kicked in. I was able to turn on my computer for about 20 seconds until it turned off. I then realized that it was the inappropriate amount of Thermal Paste that I used at the beginning of the build that was preventing it to turn on.

~Too much thermal paste actually overheats the CPU and could potentially damage the CPU. (I was lucky and my CPU was not damaged in the process)

~You only need about a grain of rice size of thermal paste for it to effectively work, when the fan is pressed onto the CPU , the Thermal paste flattens and spreads over the CPU.

~When cleaning off excess Thermal paste, use a soft cloth and Rubbing alcohol as it effectively wipes of the paste and kills bacteria and any other things that could have been on the CPU.

~After cleaning and reapplying the Thermal paste, I put back the computer and tried to start it up again. It worked greatly and started up really fast. Windows 10 only took about 5 minutes to fully install and I wasn't connected to the internet.

Part Reviews


A very excellent product by Intel. The Intel i3 works very well and runs very fast. Unlike AMD, when installing the Intel Chip, you don't have to press down onto the chip to lock it into place. The motherboard will lock it into place for you, as long as you are able to line it up correctly (which when you place the CPU chip in, it fits perfectly into the CPU socket). I like the speed that the CPU provides for the price that it is offered at. Very glad to have bought an Intel i3 and would highly recommend buying this if you want a good CPU for a fairly low price.


The motherboard is a pretty good motherboard for its price. I am giving this a 4 star because of mainly Amazon shipping and because the Motherboard didn't have a PCIe port. I do love this motherboard as it gave me 6 USB 3.0 Ports and 2 USB 2.0 ports. It has alot of outlets for speaker audio and other things that you could add to make your computer better. I really like this motherboard and would recommend buying this motherboard if on a budget build and looking for a pretty good motherboard.


When picking out RAM, I was looking at either these or some RIPJAWS that I saw on Newegg. I was planning on getting the RIPJAWS but I saw that these Crucial ones were cheap and really good. When comparing these to the RIPJAWS, I saw that the Crucial RAM had many things that the RIPJAWS didn't have, one thing being DDR4. These RAM sticks may not look as good as the RIPJAWS, but I believe they run better than the RIPJAWS I was looking at. Also when looking at RAM, I saw that Crucial is a company that makes mainly RAM, unlike G. Skill that makes other things as well. That really didn't influence me to buy it more but it was nice to know. I love the RAM and it was very easy to install.


I am very happy to have bought a 1TB hard drive as I wanted alot of space but I did not want to spend too much money on a hard drive. 1TB is plenty of space for me as I won't be downloading too many games and it would leave me with alot of free space to have when ever I want to use it. When checking for hard drives, I was comparing this to the WD blue to see overall what I wanted more. I saw that the Barracuda had many things that the WD blue did not have and that the WD blue had things that the Barracuda did not have. I decided to pick up the Barracuda as I saw it to be better overall, which I could be wrong but I quite enjoy this hard drive.

Video Card

This is the highlight of the whole build, This card is very great, especially for it being only $180. It runs really well, looks nice and it fit into my case very well. When the 480 came out, the prices of both this and the 390 dropped to a pretty cheap value, that's when I picked up the 960 as this was the lowest I saw it drop to. I know many people are going to tell me that I should have got the 480 but when I checked it on the first day I saw it, everything I saw was sold out, and I didn't really want to wait for it to be in stock again. Also when I was checking prices for the 480, they were 70$ more than the graphics card I bought and with the budget I was planning on using, I didn't want to spend 70$ more than what I already spent. This is still a very good graphics card and I am very happy to have picked up the 960.


I really love this case, it looks really good and has a pretty decent amount of space on the inside. For only 36$, I am very happy with the quality and looks of the case. The reason I am giving it 4 stars is because somethings like the screws to hold the motherboard in come undone pretty easily, but I was able to fix that by tightening it very hard. Also the case did not come with a booklet or anything that would explain my case any better, instead it came with a piece of paper that said where the fans were and how large they were. It came in and the box was very beat up but the case inside was very nice and clean. It has a little bend on the side panel, but I can fix that by slightly bending it back to make it straight again. The glass panel looks really nice, especially since I installed LED lights to them to make my computer shine more than it already did. Though I wanted an extra place to put another fan or two but it only comes with enough places to put 3 fans, which the case already comes with 3 fans. Overall I am very happy to buy this case and would recommend this case for people looking for a good looking budget case.

Power Supply

This power supply is a pretty decent power supply and works pretty well. I am giving it a 4 star as the cables are all fairly close together and came in all mixed around. It only took about 2 minutes to untangle them as they has a mesh around it to organize the cable more.

Optical Drive

I wanted an Optical drive it's nice to have and It's easier to install many drivers with since many parts come with a CD to install drivers with. It works really well though I give it 4 stars because I found a cheaper optical drive on eBay for 11$ and I didn't cancel this one in time.

Operating System

I managed to get a 20$ copy of Windows 7 Home Premium from a friend who had an extra copy of Windows 7. I then upgraded it to Windows 10 for free because I really enjoy using Windows 10 over windows 7. It was cheap and It's amazing

Wireless Network Adapter

When I first made this build, I bought the wrong network adapter. I didn't realize my motherboard did not have a PCIe port until after I got my Wireless network adapter. I will sell that adapter to a friend and I decided to buy a new one that wasn't a PCIe adapter. This part is the only thing that has not came in yet as I ordered it the same day I decided to build my computer.


This monitor is overwhelmingly amazing. When i looked at the pictures and saw the specs of this monitor, It seemed to be really good. But when I got this, I thought they gave me the wrong monitor. This monitor is much better than I thought it would be and it is amazing. Super smooth and sleek look and feel to it, Monitor borders are only half an inch, it is able to use HDMI and DVI (Which the monitor came with both a DVI and HDMI cable), and it fits really well on my desk. I highly recommend keeping an eye on this product as I was able to get this when it was $99.99.


I bought this keyboard because I wanted to have a keyboard that matched with my whole set up (Black and Orange). The keyboard looks and feels amazing. and the keys are really large. I have to get used to typing with a new keyboard as my old keyboard is fairly different from this one but I think it will only take a couple days to break into this new keyboard. Keys feel nice to the touch, super smooth typing and look to it, and has anti-ghost keys to 19 keys that I would use alot for gaming. Another great thing about my keyboard is there is an option to change colors, and also cycle through all the colors. That matches my mouse as they both cycle through roughly the same colors (The keyboard has 2 extra colors in it). Very satisfied with this product.


I bought this mouse on eBay about a year ago, and this mouse has worked exceptionally well so far. I haven't run into a single problem so far and I have been using this mouse an insane amount, especially for gaming. The DPI is very handy when it comes to your mouse sensitivity preference. The mouse has a nice double click button that comes in handy sometimes and is really nice to have. It has a exceptionally nice feel to it and it flashes many different colors over the course of 30 seconds or so. Scrolling is great, moving around is amazing, overall a very amazing mouse.


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Great job on your first build! +1

  • 41 months ago
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Nice build

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You say the case came in "all beat up". Did you buy it from B&H? i have not built a PC AT ALL but i have a friend. and his motherboard he bot from B&H. it didn't work. He returned it and 3 MONTHS later it came in. then it worked. NEVER BUY FROM B&H. that is my advice.

P.S. awesome build!

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When I bought everything, I only bought them from Newegg and Amazon, the case coming from Newegg. The case was great but it was only the box that had damage on it, probably from shipping.

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Ok. sounds good. but NEVER buy from B&H!