So this is the "2.0" version of my first build: The Black Beauty.


CPU: 4790K was a good choice. I bought the parts as x99 wasn´t released yet. I´ve overclocked it to 4.5 Ghz and it works awesome!

Cpu Cooler: Silent, good performance, low Price! Nothing more to say.

Thermal Compuond: Was layin around somewhere in my room. Works well.

Motherboard: Has got USB 3.0, looks FANTASTIC, has SPIDF and PciE Gen3 and Z97, and works just AWESOME!

Memory: Great performance and great design. What do you want more?

Storage: * 840 PRO SSD: FASTER THAN ANYTHING IVE EVER SEEN!! Windows boots up in 4 seconds. Bf4 Maps Load in 6 Seconds. AWESOME!

  • 1TB Barracuda Drive: For all the other games and programs. Quiet and reliable. In Seagate we trust!

  • 3TB Barracuda Drive: For recorded Videos and a LOOOOT of PornXD Movies.

GPU: Also bought it as Gtx900 Series wasn't out yet, but runs every game on max settings at 60 Fps and higher. AWESOME THING!

Case: Its just so sexy NERDGASM .

PSU: ....This is non modular. Ive bought it in some tech-store near me, and it was TERRIBLE to try cable management with a non modular PSU.... I want to get a Ax 760 soon, but thats for christmas xD

Optical Drive: Grabbed from my old PC, works well.

OS: Windows.

Monitor: Also from my old pc.... its ****. Want to get a better one VERY SOON.

Monitor 2: Its not really a monitor, was an old TV. I use it to watch movies.

Case Fan:

The bitfenix one is running my Cpu Cooler

The AF120 also runs my Cpu Cooler, but I mounted it today. I will upload some more pics soon.

Keyboard: Some will say its overkilled, but it is the most AWESOMEEEE and SEXY keyboard ive ever touched... and ive fallen in love with it <3

Mouse: Same as my keyboard... <3

Flightstick: Sometimes I play fsx.... awesome stick, bro.

Mousepad: Same as keyboard and mouse. <3

Headset: wow.....such sound.... blow my mind.

External Drive: For my "Movies".

So this PC is mainly used for gaming, viedo editing/production.

If you have any suggestions what i can inprove just leave a comment!

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  • 59 months ago
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How does the Gigabyte card hold up? I recently bought one without looking at reviews because of the good price. Apparently it crashes a lot so I am a little nervous.

  • 64 months ago
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Really nice pics.

  • 64 months ago
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Nice pics man top notch!

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