I'd like to show off my latest build, The Modest Gila. My attempt to put together my first color coordinated build on a budget of under $1500. For this build I had a culmination of old parts from my previous build.

The following parts were recycled:

2 Western Digital 1tb green drives set in raid-0

Asus DVD-RW drive

Nvidia GTX-560ti - For the time being, Had some serious issues with a vendor and ended up refunding the Zotac GTX 770 amp and reordering it from another vendor(Being shipped atm). My apologies for not including it in this post.

As for the performance idle temps on the processor at 4.0ghz have been 25-27c, stress test temps at 38-40c, but games like Bioshock Infinite and Civ 5 it's around 32c. So far I'm able to run most games on high to ultra settings @ 1360x768(Currently using my 32' 720p tv as main monitor and an hp monitor as secondary. Didn't have the funds available afterwords to get a 1080p monitor).

Once I install the GTX 770 I'll post some benchmark results and hopefully be able to pickup a better monitor.

Thanks for viewing, I haven't put together a build in about 7 years and it feels good to build again,


Edit 1/25/2014 11:32 pm - I forgot to mention that I ended up not using the PWM splitter. I'd like to clean up the cables a bit more and remove the sticker film off the water block and replace the NZXT fan with another cougar.

Edit 1/27/2014 - I had a crash, and I dialed back the overclock back to stock clock for the time being. Another note, I think it's officially burned in, temps have settled and are just slightly higher then what they were when I first install.

Edit 2/6/2014 - Obtained the GPU, installed and have a stable overclock of 4.2ghz. will post final pictures soon.

Edit 5/3/2014 - Sorry about the long delay. I finally got around to fixing some of my cable management issues. I also reused some of the NZXT fans that came with the case and the kraken x60. It's running cool and quiet thanks to some neoprene washers I bought at a local hardware store. I affixed them to every NZXT fan I had installed(one 140mm on the hard drive cradle, and two 120mm on the bottom.)

Edit 6/5/2014 - Decided to finally post some pictures of my desktop. Featured on my Desk is a AOC 1080p monitor, an old HP 1600x900 monitor, my Yamaha surround sound speaker system /w receiver, A Razer Naga Epic, a Steel series Apex and a Steel series mousepad. Oh, and a beer / Innokin itaste SVD e-cig.

Edit 5/14/2016 - Still rocking out the modest gila, but it's not so modest now. Upgraded to an i7 4770k cpu, and added in another 8gb G.Skill Ares ram. Had a PSU burnout and replaced it with a evga 750w psu. Waiting on a Hitachi enterprise 2tb drive to replace the WD green drives in raid 0. Also debating to upgrade the GPU to a 1080 or wait to do a new build.

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Thanks! yeah... I could do better, torwards the end of the build I was rushing it. When I get the Zotac GPU I'll go back and reorganize the cables.